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CYaN Podcast Episode 15: This Is Not A Trilogy

Good morning, internet. Episode 15 of the CYaN Podcast is brought to with the regular hosts of Danny and Ricky. In this week’s episode; we talk about a couple bits of movie news, the Marvel NOW creative teams, the Kuratas, and talk about our thoughts on the Total Recall remake. Not to mention we go down a few different tangents.

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Cheap Date: August 1st

I’m sorry about the lack of a Cheap Date last week, but there was seriously nothing to get excited for (well, maybe a few comics but that was it). Plus I am sure most of you are trying to rewatch The Dark Knight Rises. Either way, this week we actually have a few items that you should consider spending your money on. Remember for Cheap Date, we will keep everything to under $30.

Hit the jump for all the lovely details.

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CYaN Podcast Double Feature

In this episode, Danny and Ricky discuss the upcoming Summer releases of movies. We’re excited about these movies and hope you go out to watch them like we will.

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In our next episode Danny is back from the Philippines, thankfully. Now we cover some of the major trailers and announcements from E3, as well as a few other bits of news.

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