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New Pacific Rim Trailer Gives a Lot More than Just Some Story

At WonderCon a few weeks ago, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures showed off a brand-spanking new trailer for Pacific Rim. Well, now they’ve decided to share it with those who weren’t able to get down to Anaheim. Take a look!

Yes, I admitted Guillermo del Toro wouldn’t be high on my list for a Wonder Woman movie, but I cannot wait for this to come out! In the trailer, we get a little bit more of the character-driven stuff. I can only assume star Charlie Hunnam’s character, Raleigh Becket, loses his original Jaeger co-pilot and has to train newcomer Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi). We also get some glimpses of Charlie Day and Idris Elba, but most importantly, there’s some all-new footage of Jaeger on Kaiju violence. Now excuse me, those last thirty seconds made me need to change my pants.

First Full Fast 6 Trailer

Wow that’s a lot of F’s up there. How about another pair: f*cking fun! That’s what this trailer looks like. After theĀ Super Bowl’s TV spot, we now have a full trailer for The Fast and The Furious 6. We get a large amount of plot info. The gang’s back together to take down a gang of vehicular criminals. In exchange, they get full pardons. A pretty basic plot for a straight-forward action movie. And don’t get it mixed up. F&F is no longer simply a racing movie, it is a full blown action franchise. We also get a good glimpse at some of the new talent in the movie. Luke Evans as the antagonistic Owen Shaw. Gina Carano also shows off some of the moves that had me pumped for Haywire. Let’s hope this works out better. Take a look for yourself.

“Dead Man Down” Trailer

We did our highly anticipated in 2013 podcast (Engress) recently, and movies were unfortunately cut due to time. Danny has his Top 20, but we had many more to mention. Unfortunately, this one still missed our attention. Niels Arden Oplev (2009’s TheĀ Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) teams again with Noomi Rapace to bring us a tense tale of revenge. Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard also star. Check out the trailer.


Skyfall is Coming

We’ve been getting a few glimpses of Sam Mendes’ new Bond film, Skyfall, but now we get a full-blown trailer. This trailer gives us a good sense of the story. The identities of undercover MI6 agents has been stolen under M’s watchful eyes. 007 is benched as only a secret agent can: shot off a moving train. A very intense threat is bubbling toward the surface in the form of Javier Bardem’s slightly effeminate but extremely dangerous Silva. We also get a glimpse of Ben Whishaw as a brand new Q. Have a look for yourself.

Special Treat to Dark Knight Rises Viewers

Many of you are either already in line, getting prepared to jump in line after work, or some sort of super-excited and waiting to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Well, you all are in for a treat. The very first teaser trailer for Zack Snyder’s The Man of Steel is due to be attached to The Dark Knight Rises. If you aren’t watching it tonight, I’m sure it’ll pop up online very soon. Until then, here’s the nifty new poster.

Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill (The Immortals)
Due out June 14, 2013

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