First Full Fast 6 Trailer

Wow that’s a lot of F’s up there. How about another pair: f*cking fun! That’s what this trailer looks like. After the Super Bowl’s TV spot, we now have a full trailer for The Fast and The Furious 6. We get a large amount of plot info. The gang’s back together to take down a gang of vehicular criminals. In exchange, they get full pardons. A pretty basic plot for a straight-forward action movie. And don’t get it mixed up. F&F is no longer simply a racing movie, it is a full blown action franchise. We also get a good glimpse at some of the new talent in the movie. Luke Evans as the antagonistic Owen Shaw. Gina Carano also shows off some of the moves that had me pumped for Haywire. Let’s hope this works out better. Take a look for yourself.

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