Big “Arrow” Tease

There’s a new Arrow trailer. This one is a little bit longer and gives more of the backstory for (Green) Arrow’s backstory. But the really cool tease is at 3:22. Take a look and keep your eyes peeled for a certain mask.

Hit the jump for some ponderings and just whose mask that is…

So let’s skirt around the major find in this trailer and talk about some of the other things we see. I wonder how much of the pilot is going to be present day and how much will be flashback to Ollie’s time on the island. Will it even be a flashback, or will it be shown chronologically? Another thing that stood out to me… this Arrow kills. Now that was a major story in the comics prior to the relaunch, but how “anti-hero” are they gonna go?

And the mask? None other than Slade Wilson himself, also known as Deathstroke. Well… not really Slade himself since it’s his mask. But what does it mean? The image appears to be from Oliver’s time on the island, so what role does Deathstroke play in Ollie’s shipwreck? And does he survive after the island? The arrow through the mask could indicate not, but the arrow is in the hole in which Slade Wilson would or will be missing an eye.

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