ASM End Credits: Another Take

Okay, a $7 million dollar take on midnight shows alone is a good indicator of how many people have watched The Amazing Spider-man, but on the off-chance you still haven’t, keep in mind there will be spoilers. Hit the jump to read on.

Yesterday you all got Danny’s take on the end credit sequence and who the mystery man is. Now it’s my turn. The mystery man appears from the shadows in a locked cell. What members of the Spider-man’s rogues gallery are capable of such a feat? Well let’s see.

The Spot? He has the ability to teleport, but who would want to see him

Will O’ The Wisp? He has control over his density which would allow him to pass through solid material. See reason for the Spot.

Sandman? Hydroman? Both are able to unconstitute and reconstitute themselves based on their respective abilities, but Sandman was in Spider-man 3 and Hydro-man is in that same category as Spot and Will o’ the Wisp.

The Vulture? Sure he could fly into a cell, but there’s no evidence of how he could have gotten in through the windows.

Norman Osborn? Highly influential, he could potentially buy his way into the cell, but in this new story, he’s sick and so far only used proxy in Dr. Ratha. We also see a silhouetted image of Osborn earlier in the film, and while that was to leave casting open similar to our mystery man, wouldn’t you expect them to use the same actor in both cases?

Chameleon? Mysterio? Both able to fake their way into a cell, but Mysterio would be much more grandiose. We’re hitting on something with Chameleon though. Chameleon would not make this visit on his own. He would be sent in. Chameleon, in the comics, has a history of messing with Spider-man using fakes of Richard and Mary Parker. There is a story to tell with the two, but what is that story? We’ll have to wait and see.

But there’s one thing we’re missing. In the scene, a flash of lightning precedes the mystery man’s appearance and disappearance from the cell with no indication of rain out the cell window. Could that indicate the wall-crawler’s resident voltic villain, Electro? Max Dillon has control of electricity and has exhibited the ability to travel through wiring and appliances recently. This would explain the lightning and the appearance in the locked cell. Dillon historically hasn’t acted on his own aside from robbery, so the idea of Osborn using a proxy makes sense. And the idea of bio-engineering has been used to explain his powers in the Ultimate Universe. The shot of his fidgeting hand rubbing his hat could be Hollywood shorthand for the effect of his powers on his body.

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2 responses to “ASM End Credits: Another Take”

  1. d says :

    Well at the end it does sound if there is rain in the background…but from what i’ve read i’m thinking electro as well

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