Cheap Date: July 11th SDCC Edition

Welcome to anotherCheap Date, where I would usually help you decide were to spend $30 of your hard-earned cash on nerdy entertainment for you to enjoy. It is also a Comic-Con edition, so instead of our regular routine I will point out some of the exclusives that I am excited for and will probably drool over as they go for a 200% mark-up on eBay.

This week, we will go way beyond the thirty dollars…

In case you are unfamiliar, exclusives work like this: certain retailers will have editions of products they already sell but they will be labelled as “San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.” Sometimes you can find these items out in the wild or in other conventions, exactly as is but without the logo. Sometimes they are just small variants. And then the real exclusives that you must be in San Diego to hunt down, you have to find the booth and then wait because they will have set times when they are selling these products to try to ensure they have some products throughout the weekend. Remember all these of these items will have a limited number of items, known as a run.

Now let’s go through my list of must-buy exclusives:

SDCC 2012 Walking Dead #100 Retailer Exclusive Edition, Diamond Comics, $3.99, 7500 run

McQuarrie Stormtrooper Mini Bust, Gentle Giant, $85, 1800 run

The Walking Dead Michonne Bloody Poncho Variant Action Figure, Image Comics, $25, 3000 run

Batman: Arkham Asylum Play Arts -Kai [B&W Edition], Square Enix, $60 each figure, 1000 Batman/1000 Joker run

And this is the one piece you should hunt down with everything you have…

Portal ASHPD “The Cave Johnson” Edition, NECA, $150, 250 run

God speed and safe hunting!

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