Sharing Talents

I’m very particular when it comes to YouTube. There are basically 4 categories of video that I’ll watch. I love educational videos that will teach me something new. I enjoy videos that are intentionally funny (save for failblog). I must watch videos which are of particular interest to me, i.e. video games, movies, TV and comics. And finally, I truly love, enjoy, and must watch videos that feature incredible feats and abilities that I cannot match. I marvel at the talents and abilities of people all over the world through YouTube. This video was suggested via YouTube and advertises for, a new social network (currently in beta) based on users’ talents. Talents featured in the video range from dancers to drivers, wind surfers to flair bartenders.

It also features one of the most amazing covers of one of the most overplayed songs, “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotiye. The cover is performed by Walk Off The Earth. Wait until the end of the video to see what makes that cover so special.

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