Cheap Date: August 22nd

Welcome readers to another installment of Cheap Date, where I will provide my recommendations on what nerdy entertainment that you should partake this week. On top of that, I will aim to have everything be no more than $30. What a bargain, right?

Hit the jump to see what I recommended this week…

There was a lot of fun things to include this week since the usual video games and movies did not make the cut. Obviously there is still Expendables 2 and ParaNorman to watch in theaters, The Raid: Redemption is available on DVD/Blu-Ray or you can even try out the new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game which looks pretty badass.

However, I felt that there were other options for you to spend your money on.

Comics – $8.97

Fables #120

I know a lot of people may have been burnt out on the Vertigo series, Fables. Especially since the heroes took down the Adversary. The next big storyline seemed anti-climatic and I did not feel like there was any emotion to it.

Regardless, Bill Willingham’s “Cubs in Toyland” storyline has some of the heart that this series has shown in a while. The arc had a wonderful twist two issues ago and now in this issue “mini-Bigby” Dare may have to sacrifice something precious to save himself and his sister.

Definitely a great story and building of a mythology.

Batman Incorporated #3

I will admit that I have not been a fan of Grant Morrison’s writing Batman stories, or many of the other DC Comics stories. But with Chris Burnham’s art, Morrison has brought this story together nicely. Everything from revealing Talk al Ghul as the great mastermind, making Damian likeable and now coming back in this issue to the DC Universe is Matches Malone. Batman Incorporated has been a nice surprise for me from Morrison.

America’s Got Power #3

With fantastic art by Bryan Hitch, up-and-comer Jonathan Ross has shown us a world that brings our reality and superheroes together. While not an entirely new concept, the use of reality/competition shows to showcase the young heroes wannabes has me hooked. And have I mentioned Bryan Hitch’s amazing art? If you missed his stuff, you should check out some of the fights he lays out in this book. In this issue, we get a little more intrigue and mystery as more are revealed about what happens to the fallen competitors of the TV show.

TV Show – Free

Face Off

I will keep beating this to the ground: I LOVE traditional effects and art. Not many competition shows gain my attention, but this one has seemed to have done so. It features a group of make-up artists designing make-up, costumes, and all the design for movie monsters and aliens. Each week they are challenged to make monsters on a central theme. Like all competition shows, not all the designs are perfect. But when they do hit the mark, they show some amazing stuff.

The show airs on the Syfy Channel on Tuesdays at 9.

Which means, you have missed the first episode that aired yesterday. Of course, you can watch episodes online. If you get a chance, try to watch the Tim Burton episode and the finale from last season.

Misc – $20

Timothy Anderson Star Wars Prints

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like spaghetti westerns? Do you like art?

All of those are combined by artists Timothy Anderson with his recent release of prints. He has a 11″x17″ print for each movie of the original trilogy. My favorite of the trio is for Star Wars, depicting Han and Greedo about to draw against each other. I wonder who shoots first?

Han, of course.

He has a few others that I like, but they are priced a bit higher.

Unfortunately the first run is already sold out but he will soon bring out the second printing. Check out his site to order.


That will be all I have to recommend for this week. Again I hope you get a chance to enjoy all these nerdy things. Please comment if you like any of the recommendations or want to point out something else that would better suited. Until next time on our Cheap Date.

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