Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Say My Name

Once upon a time, a deal was brokered in a desert…

Walt left us hanging last week with a proposal where everybody wins. This week we finally get to know what this master plans is. Walt wants Declan, another Meth peddler who dreams of empires, to run his distribution. Why should Declan agree? Glad you asked…

  1. Walt has the superior product (99.1 % purity vs. their measly 70%)
  2. Walt is slangin’ the real blue stuff (theirs is dyed with food coloring, Lame!)
  3. Walt has the notoriety…

W: “You all know exactly who I am, Say My Name… I’m the cook, I’m the man who killed Gus Fring.”

D: “You’re Heisenberg…”

W: “You’re goddamn right I am.”

Basically the math adds up, Declan gives up his cook, distributes a better product and in return gets 35% of Walt’s business. As Walt wisely pointed out junkies will pay more for a better high, and this means more money for Declan. Mike gets his promised $5M as a finder’s fee for connecting the new team, but Jesse is still stuck in Walt’s web.

Mike’s farewell to Team Meth was less than warm. He had two last items to discuss with Walt:

  1. The legacy fund will be taken from his cut, so no need to worry about it anymore.
  2. Get the bug out of Hank’s office.

Walt was hoping for some gratitude for Mike’s easy exit, but as we understand by now Mike pretty much hates Walt and refuses even a goodbye. Jesse gets a handshake and some sage advice, “Just look out for yourself.” It turns out to be the best advice he could get because Walt continues to have selective hearing when Jesse asks when he will be paid so he can leave this operation.

Mike thinks he has all his loose ends taken care of. He has the Legacy costs deposited into his men’s safe deposit boxes by their lawyer and even has a big box filled with cash for his granddaughter Kaylee to be given to her on her 18th birthday. He has a go bag (complete with money, a gun, and travel documents) planted at the local airport parking lot with a key hidden nearby. The bug in Hank’s office even tips him off to a search warrant that had been issued, giving him enough time to ditch any incriminating items and greet the police at the door.  Of course they find nothing, and Hank’s boss pulls the budget for following Mike. Hank is too obsessed to give up and redirects their focus on the lawyer who is running Mike’s errands.

Walt and Jesse meet up to start cooking. Jesse tells Walt that he doesn’t want to cook anymore and insists that they speak. Walt tries to deflect him a few times, but it just comes off as desperate. Walt tries offering him a lab of his own, then tries insulting his lifestyle, he even goes spiritual and explains that they should keep going because they are both hell bound. I think Jesse saw through all of it and eventually he just gave up on getting paid. He left Walt alone in the middle of prepping the equipment.

When it comes time to cook we see that Tarantula Todd is nervously standing in for Jesse. W see that he is diligently taking notes in a signature Breaking Bad montage. Walt seems to miss Jesse’s assistance, but is pleased with his new apprentice’s loyalty and dedication. At the end, Walt offers to talk money, but Todd says he will talk about money when he gets the procedure down. Walt has a smug smile on his face at that. He even goes home and tells Skylar that Todd may work out well, but she doesn’t stick around to hear any more. There is no love between those two anymore.

Meanwhile Hank and his team have caught the lawyer in the middle of his legacy delivery. The lawyer is able to sweet talk the bank teller with his homemade treats, but the DEA agents are not so easily swayed. The lawyer ends up giving up Mike and Hank finds out while Walt is in his office for some brotherly advice. Well, Walt has ulterior motives, but we are used to that by now. Walt puts the bank surveillance photos posted around Hank’s office together with the information that Hank just received and he tries to warn Mike.

Mike is at a local park with his granddaughter when the turncoat lawyer calls and sets up a meeting. He gets Mike’s location and says he will be right there. Mike immediately receives another call from Walt, who explains what is going on. Unfortunately for Mike this is not enough time to get Kaylee and leave. The cops are there and he is forced to run by himself.

Walt and Jesse go to their own lawyer Saul, who is worried that if Mike is apprehended he will flip on all of them. Jesse swears that will never be the case. Mike calls Saul ordering him to bring the go bag that he prepped at the beginning of the episode. The DEA surveillance makes it impossible for Saul to get the bag and Mike refuses Jesse’s offer. Walt grabs the bag, as he is the only one who isn’t on the DEA radar and meets Mike in a secluded lakeside location.

Walt needs the names of Mike’s men, but Mike is not going to turn them over to him. This leads to the final blow up between these two (finally!). Mike tells Walt off, and even goes as far as to lay all the blame for everything at Walt’s feet. The great thing is it is all true! Gus had a great operation, it was so good that I doubt they would have ever been caught if not for Walt’s pride and ego throwing all sorts of wrenches in the mix. Mike stomps off in a huff and gets into his car… Walt does the same.

Mike, being a meticulous planner, checks the bag to make sure everything is in there, but realizes too late that his gun is missing. Walt is at his window and has already fired when Mike puts the car in drive. The car crashes and to MY surprise Walt has a brief look of shock. He gets himself together in a matter of seconds and runs to confirm the kill. Mike has fled the car, but is not far away. He chooses to die looking at the lake. Walt stands next to him and even utters an apology when he realizes Lydia has the names of the men, but Mike tells him, “Fuck Off and let me die in peace.”

Okay I can’t say I am surprised that Walt ended up killing Mike. When he volunteered to bring Mike the bag, I just knew something big would go down. I am excited for next week, but then again we have a long mid-season break ahead. See you next week for the gripping mid-season finale!

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