Cheap Date: August 29th

Good afternoon. Before I head off to PAX this weekend, I wanted to share my recommendations for your nerdy entertainment. All of my recommendations will add up to be no more than $30 here on Cheap Date. Hopefully, I can lead you into the right purchasing decisions.

Hit the jump for my list of goodies.

You may be one of those people who buy a copy of Madden each year. If so then you may have already burned through your budget. I could be tempted just because I am a football fan and I am more than interested in the Connected Career mode, but I do not think I will join in the fray until the inevitable price cuts.

And for those that are interested in football are in for a treat this week as we are chock full of lovely gems.

Video Games – $24 and possibly more…

Let’s get it out of the way. The “possible more” part includes two new indie bundles that have come out this week (pretty much on the same day). While I am not a fan of the games that they offer, I can not deny the value they provide especially since it is pay-what-you-want. Either way, if you are interested you may want to check out the Indie Gala and the Indie Royale bundles.

Now onto something more concrete…

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Episode 3

I played the last episode a little later than I had hoped, but it was still fantastic regardless. With me leaving for PAX tomorrow, I may have to wait until next week to play this episode. Either way, this has been one of Telltale’s finest works to date. For the low price of five bucks and the amazing story, it is hard for anyone to pass this one up.

Rock Band Blitz

For any fan of FreQuency or Amplitude then you are in for a treat as Harmonix has brought that same gameplay to Rock Band Blitz. With this game you get 25 new songs plus you do not need a plastic guitar controller. To top it off, if you have Rock Band 3 then these new songs are playable in that game; not to mention all DLC and old songs are compatible with this new game. Great value plus a fun looking game.

The Basement Collection

Are you a fan of Super Meat Boy? Did Edmund McMillen win you over in Indie Game: The Movie? Well then I have news for you. This Friday, McMillen is releasing all his previous games on Steam in a bundle that costs only four dollars. That will be nine games for four singles. That games have seen some life on Newgrounds, but this will be the first time they will be available for download. They can be depressingly cute.

Comics – $3.99

Locke & Key Grindhouse

Oh, the wait is excruciating.

While we wait for the sixth and final series in the Locke & Key story, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez tell a one-shot story from the Keyhouse’s history. Three Depression-era gangsters are looking for a place to hid out and what better place than an isolated house on an island. What I am really excited about is to find out what new keys we may see and more of the history of the Keyhouse.

This is going to be a great horror story.


I hope you like my recommendations and if you purchase them are enjoying them immensely. I will see you next week for another edition of Cheap Date.

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