Addictive Apps: Jetpack Joyride

I have been playing this side-scrolling, action packed, video game app for about two weeks. I thought my attention would wane by now, but it has become an Addictive App for me.

Jetpack Joyride is a new game from Half Brick (the same people who brought you Fruit Ninja). It is available on all Apple  iOS devices, Android devices and as an app on Facebook. I am an Android user and this was released for android on 08/19/2012 via the Amazon Appstore; whereas the Apple users have had this game since 09/01/2011.

So the story is that an unhappy employee, Barry, stumbles across a secret lab where they are developing jet packs. He is immediately enthralled and steals the jet pack, but along the way to his escape he is forced to dodge missiles, stationary and rotating zappers as well as laser beams that follow him throughout the laboratory.

The game is super easy to pick up because it is a single touch control. You tap the screen to make the jet pack fly,  maneuver around obstacles, and collect coins or spin tokens. Spin tokens are used at the end of your turn in a slot machine that dispenses coins, second chances, head starts, double coins etc.

This had the same quality that Temple Run had for me because there is no end! You just try and keep Barry alive as long as possible. The game has missions that award you with 1 – 3 stars. In order to graduate to the next experience level you need to collect a certain amount of these stars. You are rewarded with coins which you can use in “The Stash” to trick out your jet pack or other vehicles in the game. You can buy Barry clothes, or gadgets which help you navigate through the obstacles. My favorite gadget is a robo-dog that helps collect coins and trips scientists who are wandering around the laboratory.

The missions are mixed with difficult tasks such as getting to 1,750m without collecting coins in one game and easy tasks such as high five 25 scientists (which you can stretch out over multiple games). These tasks keep the game interesting.

What happens when you finish the game? You keep going! There is another level after the end and you get a new batch of objectives. This is when you buy the ridiculously expensive gadgets and extras from the stash. It is a great quick game to play while waiting in long lines, goofing off at work, or while winding down after a hard day.


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