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More Minecraft Skins for Halloween



Windows 8 isn’t the only release to look forward tomorrow. Yeah, there’s some silly movie called Cloud Atlas that Danny thinks you should see. But here’s what I’m pumped for: More Minecraft skins for the Xbox 360 Edition. 55 skins in total including those above for the regular price of $2. What’s so special this time around? Your $2 is going to such charities as Macmillan Cancer Support, Child’s Play, SANDS Lothians and Block by Block.

Dibs on the floaty skeleton guy.


Addictive Apps: Jetpack Joyride

I have been playing this side-scrolling, action packed, video game app for about two weeks. I thought my attention would wane by now, but it has become an Addictive App for me.

Jetpack Joyride is a new game from Half Brick (the same people who brought you Fruit Ninja). It is available on all Apple  iOS devices, Android devices and as an app on Facebook. I am an Android user and this was released for android on 08/19/2012 via the Amazon Appstore; whereas the Apple users have had this game since 09/01/2011.

So the story is that an unhappy employee, Barry, stumbles across a secret lab where they are developing jet packs. He is immediately enthralled and steals the jet pack, but along the way to his escape he is forced to dodge missiles, stationary and rotating zappers as well as laser beams that follow him throughout the laboratory. Read More…

Addictive Apps: Temple Run

As many you may know when you download the Amazon Appstore on your smart phone they offer a free app of the day. Recently the free app of the day was this little game called Temple Run. It is currently available for iOS systems, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android. It used to be .99, but as of this morning it is still being offered for free in the Appstore. I downloaded it mainly because it was free and a few Facebook friends had mentioned that it was an entertaining game.  Typically this means it is of the Farmville variety and I steer clear, but while waiting for a movie to begin that night I peer over and both Danny and Ricky are playing this game. I start it up and somehow I am 3 days in with no clear recollection of where the time has gone. If I have a spare moment to kill I find myself running this endless maze and being chased by demonic monkeys.

This game is highly addicting for the mere fact that it is small bursts of increasingly difficult twists, dramatic drops, and multiple obstacles. They keep you motivated by having objectives that you can complete in order to increase your score and unlock power-ups and other characters. I have been more of the Angry Birds player in the past, but I appreciate the short-burst entertainment of Temple Run. This is a game that should be easy, I mean, you see a turn coming up you swipe and clear it, see a chasm you jump! Well, after a dozen or so turns you realize that it is not that easy and the game refreshes fast enough that you can try to redeem yourself almost instantly. That is what makes this game so addictive.

For you Disney fans there is a variation of this game to promote the newest Disney Pixar movie: Brave.

DC Universe Fighting Game

So we got a peek at what could happen when DC characters like Superman, Batman, and the Joker would appear in a fighting game in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Now the makers of Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm, have made Injustice: Gods Among Us. Check out the announcement trailer:

The game appears to feature a cast of characters including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, and Lex Luthor. There’s also the possibility of Captain Cold, Mister Freeze, or another ice-based villain. NetherRealm also promises a roster with “at least as many” characters as Mortal Kombat

It looks fun and interesting, but not being a fan of fighting games, I’ll probably pass. I wish Warner Bros. could focus on creating content that was more original and less reactionary to the successes of others. A DC Universe fighting game ends up drawing comparison to Marvel’s many Capcom games which are strong examples of excellent fighting games. A unifying Justice League movie would be compared to the Avengers. So Warner Bros. I hope you read this (Yeah, right): Make content worthy of your characters like Arkham City that respects the source material.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Trailer

As I’ve said time and again, I’m a big fan of DC comics. I am also a big fan of Legos. On top of that I am a fan of video games. So of course, I love the Lego games, especially Lego Batman. Well, here’s the trailer for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

This looks like the same kind of fun and humor of previous Lego titles, but now we get a full stable of DC heroes to play with as well as a stable of Batman villains with Lex Luthor thrown in the bunch. One thing I’m a little wary of is the addition of voices. So many Lego games have done so well with the silent mini-figs. Minor complaint. I’m looking forward to playing this one.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Trailer

We talked about it for a little bit in last week’s podcast, but here’s the trailer for Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City. Take a look.

Sets up the story and shows what is going to be happening. It looks like the majority of the game takes place in Arkham City’s Industrial District where Joker set up camp in the main story. The game will be split as you spend time playing as both Batman and Robin. I’m looking forward to see exactly how much more Batman lore we’ll get from this story. Will there also be more hints to future games (Arkham World?). We’ve only got a few weeks to find out.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Gameplay Trailer

Pretty straight forward. Ubisoft released the Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay trailer today. Here it is via joystiq.

Continue after the jump for some of my opinion. Read More…

Black Ops 2 Trailer Released (updated)

Coming a day earlier than anticipated (unless there’s more coming), Treyarch has released the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Check it out here via joystiq.

Now keep in mind that I enjoy these games for the story mode. I enjoyed multiplayer for a long time, but I’ve been burnt out for the last couple years. So what do I think? Well, then that definitely feels different from the setting of the previous Black Ops. The story now in the near-future where tech is all over the place. At first, I almost expected an AI story, but it turns into an “enemy controls our weapons” story. As long as the crazy perks and killstreaks are balanced, the game should be fun especially with quadrotors and quadriped droid/tanks.


There’s also some added info from joystiq on the story mode, and it’s looking pretty ambitious. The story will range from the 1980s to the near future of 2025, and it will also feature Alex Mason and his son, David, in their respective time periods. And most interesting, a game mechanic that allows for choices that effect the story. But it all honesty, the article had me at “David S. Goyer”. Sixty bucks down the drain this fall.

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