Black Ops 2 Trailer Released (updated)

Coming a day earlier than anticipated (unless there’s more coming), Treyarch has released the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Check it out here via joystiq.

Now keep in mind that I enjoy these games for the story mode. I enjoyed multiplayer for a long time, but I’ve been burnt out for the last couple years. So what do I think? Well, then that definitely feels different from the setting of the previous Black Ops. The story now in the near-future where tech is all over the place. At first, I almost expected an AI story, but it turns into an “enemy controls our weapons” story. As long as the crazy perks and killstreaks are balanced, the game should be fun especially with quadrotors and quadriped droid/tanks.


There’s also some added info from joystiq on the story mode, and it’s looking pretty ambitious. The story will range from the 1980s to the near future of 2025, and it will also feature Alex Mason and his son, David, in their respective time periods. And most interesting, a game mechanic that allows for choices that effect the story. But it all honesty, the article had me at “David S. Goyer”. Sixty bucks down the drain this fall.

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