Cheap Date: May 2nd

It is another Wednesday and another time to treat yourself to a Cheap Date.

Remember that I was recommend releases for this week that will cost you under $30. Thirty dollars for a week’s entertainment sounds like a good deal to me. Shall we begin?

Movies – $10

Let us cut to the chase. I am watching the Avengers tomorrow night at midnight and more than likely if you are reading this then you are wanting to watch this movie this weekend as well. Marvel Studios major project that they have worked on since 2008 with the release of Iron Man. They have brought back almost all major actors (replacing one soon to be raging Hulk) from each of their lead-up movies.

Joss Whedon has shown he can make some excellent TV series, but this will be the first time he has this big of an audience. But early reviews from around the world (the US for some odd reason is one of the last ones to receive this film) are absolutely glowing. I do not want to read to much into those, but if it is done as well as the other pre-Avengers movies then it should be a fun ride.


If you are going to see Avengers this weekend, there is a chance to grab some extra swag. RealD is releasing special edition glasses for $5 each pair at theaters (I will probably go with the Hulk version). But remember; that means you have to upgrade your ticket to a 3D movie to use them then buy the glasses. So that will be $20 to watch the Avengers and it will also cut into my other recommendations. Your choice, of course.

Comics – $8

It is a light week in comics, but there are two comics that you can not miss. Plus they are both #1 issues!

Earth 2 #1 from DC Comics comes out this week. Every since the DC new 52, I have been anxious to see what has happened to the JSA. Apparently they are on Earth 2, an alternate reality where the Golden Age of Comics characters can grow old and change. Despite the cover, I am more interested in finding out what happened to Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.

Fury MAX #1from Marvel Comics brings us another helping of writer Garth Ennis and artist Goran Parlov. Where have you heard those names before? They both worked on thePunisher MAX series that recently ended. Now they have a mature look at Marvel’s top spy. Let the fun begin. Hell, Garth Ennis is the reason to read any of the Marvel MAX series.

Games – $5

You can grab Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead game on XBLA for five bucks or 400 imaginary money. This is a great deal if you are not sold on the game, which if you read my review you should be sold. If you were to buy it from Telltale’s webiste, they would charge you the $25 for all five episodes even though the last four are not out yet. This is a great point and click adventure game that I am sure will impress.

Hell, even if you are not sold (or dirt poor since watching Avengers in 3D and buying the special edition glasses); you can download the trial game before buying.

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