Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: “Walk With Me”

Sorry about this one being a tad bit late, but now it is time for The Walking Dead recap for last night’s episode titled “Walk with Me.” Head past the jump for the full recap, but heed my warning that there will be massive SPOILERS past the jump.

“Walk with Me” takes a break away from the prison survivors, so if you wanted more Rick then you will have to wait until next week.

We start the episode in a military helicopter. The men inside appear ragged and worn down. The helicopter seems to have some issues but the pilot is confident he can keep the bird up. Then we hear a loud bang and the helicopter goes down. I’m curious if the helicopter went down because of something mechanical going wrong or if that bang was something shooting it out of the sky.

Andrea and Michonne notice the smoke from the crash and head to check it out, despite Andrea still being seriously ill. As they reach the wreckage, Michonne ties her tamed walkers to a tree and has Andrea stay behind as she checks out the site. Before Michonne look through the crash site, a group of cars roll through and they go through the wreckage as Michonne and Andrea hide.

We get our first glimpse at the Governor as he and his mean go through the wreckage and disposing of the just turning zombies. They also find out that the pilot has survived and pull him out and take him to a truck.

Michonne’s walkers are getting restless for some reason and the two women still do not want to reveal themselves to anyone. Michonne has no choice but to decapitate both of her walkers. They think that they are in the clear, but Merle was able to sneak up behind them. Plus he uses a weird bayonet metal club over his amputated hand. Andrea faints at the sight of him.

Andrea and Michonne driven to Woodbury blindfolded. Andrea wakes to an IV in her arm and starting to feel better. Andrea and Merle swap stories, because that is just what you do when you run into an old survival buddy (it’s like a high school buddy).

Michonne is anxious for them to get their weapons back while the Governor responds that they are able to have their weapons when they leave Woodbury. The Governor reassures they are not imprisoned and that everything is for their safety. He even shows the two women the towns defenses. Michonne still does not trust the Governor, but the Governor gives Andrea and Michonne rooms for the night.

The next morning, Andrea and Michonne are giving a small tour of the town with its 74 residents.

The Governor has taken this time to check on the helicopter pilot who recalls what happened to his base and where his fellow soldier are situated. Afterwards, the Governor checks in on a scientist by the name of Milton who has been at odds with Merle. Milton experimented on the severed heads of Michonne’s walkers. He theorizes that without a way to eat, the zombies loose all ambition of attacking. He also believes that with the docile walkers around, they provided a camouflage for the Michonne against other walkers.

The Governor and Milton share a mean with Andrea and Michonne. Again Michonne asks for her weapons but the Governor will not give up the weapons. He preaches about his plan to save humanity by providing a haven like Woodbury. After breakfast, Michonne and Andrea discuss about trusting Woodbury and each other.

We then find the surviving soldiers that the pilot had talked about, they look tired and on continual watch. The Governor drives up with a white flag in hand. He tells the soldiers that the pilot had told him to retrieve these men and bring them back to safety. The Governor then pulls a gun on the closest soldier and shoots him while the other Woodbury men ambush the soldiers, killing each of them. The Woodbury men scavenge the supplies left by the dead men.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor arrives with the military vehicles and supplies. He tells the townspeople that he had found the soldiers dead and could not save them. He urges the people to use the supplies that the soldiers had sacrified.

The Governor returns to his home and heads to a locked, steel-walled room. Inside, he leans into a leather chair and begins staring at the lighted wall. The camera pans over to reveal that the lighted wall is actually aquariums filled with zombie heads, including Michonne’s walkers and lastly the helicopter pilot.


A different pace for this episode, but we are able to see the sociopath that is the Governor reveal itself in the closing scenes. I’m more than excited to return to the prison and then see who the prison survivors interact with Woodbury in the TV show.

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