DVR Weekly – Week of 10/28-11/3

Welcome to DVR Weekly! Every Monday I choose three shows that I have managed to watch on my DVR over the past week and really enjoyed, do a small recap and review them. Keep in mind this means spoilers. I’ll also mention two shows that are worth checking out. I’ll also give you a glimpse of five shows I’m looking forward to for the following week. I don’t watch everything, so remember if your favorite show isn’t on here it doesn’t mean I hate it.

This week on DVR Weekly:

  • The Walking Dead – 3.03 “Walk With Me”
  • Once Upon a Time – 2.05 “The Doctor”
  • Elementary – 1.05 “Lesser Evils”

Top Shows of the Week

The Walking Dead – 3.03 “Walk With Me”

As always, you check out Danny’s full recap. We take the first ever full episode break from Rick’s group, and take a gander at Andrea and Michonne’s current events. After finding a helicopter crash, Andrea and Michonne encounter another group of survivors. A bayoneted Merle captures the girls, the group take the girls to the infamous town of Woodbury. The Governor gives Andrea medical attention and gives them the grand tour. Andrea is ready to accept safe haven, but Michonne has her apprehensions. Michonne’s misgivings are justified as the Governor leads a group to massacre a convoy of soldiers.

The long-awaited and much anticipated introduction of the Governor is here, it is a strong episode. We learn quite a bit about the Governor in this episode without actually learning much of anything about him. In comparison to the comics, the TV Governor is a charming man who leads the town with kindness. He also has strong leadership skills which he uses to control his men including Merle and a scientist, Milton. We also learn a little about Michonne based on her decision to behead her pets. In an episode full of learning moments, we also get a lesson on the docility of walkers when they lose their ability to eat. Oh, and zombies can starve, but at a much slower rate.

One Upon a Time – 2.05 “The Doctor”

In the enchanted lands, Regina is learning magic from Rumpelstiltskin. His final test before taking her on? She must take the heart of a unicorn and kill it. She refuses. Later in Rumpel’s castle, the Hatter delivers a crystal ball (no slippers, though). Rumpel dismisses Regina because she’s only thinking of the past and wants to resurrect Daniel. Jefferson tells Regina that he knows a wizard who can bring back the dead. Regina meets the doctor who is the enchanted version of Dr. Whale. He informs her that he needs a magical heart. She brings Jefferson and Whale to her mother’s vault for a heart. Whale sets up the surgery, but when it fails, Whale explains that the heart wasn’t strong. Regina has a new resolve to find a heart. She meets Rumpelstiltskin to restart her training, but he already has a new pupil. Regina pulls her heart and crushes it. Rumpelstiltskin agrees to resume her training. We then discover Jefferson and Whale had been working for Rumpelstiltskin all along. Whale argues magic isn’t as strong as his methods despite needing a magical heart. Whale accepts the magic heart from the vault as his payment and returns to his realm via Jefferson’s hat. Whale enters his lab and sets to work reviving his brother. His assistant also reveals his true name: Victor Frankenstein.

In Storybrooke, Whale approaches David in regards to his effort to return to the enchanted lands. Whale suspects Regina may hold the key. He interrupts her session with Dr. Hopper/Jiminy. Regina reveals those in Storybrooke were the ones she wanted to bring including Daniel’s preserved body. That night during a storm, Regina sees a figure she believes to be Daniel. After finding his body missing, Regina seeks Whale in the hospital. She finds him on the floor with his arm ripped off. Whale warns Regina that, despite the success of his experiment, Daniel is now a monster. After a confrontation with David, Regina realizes Daniel is reliving memories like Charming did. His destination? The stables where David left Henry to learn to tend to his new horse. Daniel attacks Henry but David comes to the rescue. He’s ready to kill Daniel, but Regina convinces him to give her a chance. She is able to awaken him briefly, but he begs to be put down. Regina regretfully uses magic to turn him to ash. Regina returns to Hopper and confesses her use of magic. Whale goes to Mr.Gold to reattach his arm, but Gold only agrees after Whale admits he needs magic.

In Haven, the princesses and Mulan (still waiting on citation) return to Haven to discover the village has been killed by Cora. They discover one survivor: Hook, who’d been disguised as the blacksmith. Emma doesn’t trust him, so she decides to tie him to a tree and make him confess. He confesses his true identity and Cora’s plan to go to Storybrooke. Hook also reveals that Cora needs a compass to which he will lead them. Emma and Snow expect a trap but agree despite it. Hook leads them to the location of the compass, but first, they must climb a beanstalks.

Not only a strong episode with great moments for unexpected characters, but it was also a huge world building episode. I think the slippers mentioned were those of the Wicked Witch of the East in Oz which explains their disappearance. That possibility opens up the world infinitely as we’ve learned of Frankenstein’s world this episode and Neverland last episode. Regina has always had some strong layers but its interesting to see more developments. We learn more about Whale and his motivations. I can’t wait to see the resolution of Gold’s search also.

Elementary – 1.05 “Lesser Evils”

Following some experimentation on choking corpses, Sherlock discovers a murder disguised as a heart attack. Upon inspecting the patient’s room, Sherlock gains some insight. We also meet a former colleague of Watson. After a few fact finding excursions, Holmes comes to the conclusion that an angel of death killer is stalking the hospital. Sherlock begins interviewing suspects, while Watson is pulled back into medicine unwillingly. Sherlock manages to discover a drug-addicted attending physician before despising the murderer may not actually be a doctor. The janitor, who had been a doctor in Bulgaria, was the killer. But the conviction of the killer in a specific case where the patient wasn’t terminal left Sherlock second guessing. He finally comes to the conclusion that the head surgeon had provided false records to influence the murderer.

This show has been on the bubble for me, but this episode has made me realize something. I’ve been expecting an adaptation on the level of the BBC Sherlock series, but this is a reimagining. It takes into account certain aspects of the source material, but also adds new details. Holmes’ addiction was hinted at in the books but is now featured prominently in the story. The relationship between Watson and Holmes is compelling and interesting in a way that is different than anything before. The only thing working against this series now is the procedural nature of the show. It grows monotonous and predictable. I’m into this show to see where Watson and Holmes go,and not so much for the mystery. Five episodes in and I’m still very conflicted.

Honorable Mentions

Arrow – 1.04 “An Innocent Man ” – Ollie offers Dig a role in his crimefighting. Arrow takes on a mission to prove the innocence of a man on death row with the aid of Laurel. Walter discovers the most ridiculous hiding place of the sabotaged ship, Queen’s Gambit. This is an interesting episode that leads Laurel toward her destiny as Black Canary. We’re also left with a huge cliffhanger as Det. Lance discovers Ollie’s secret and arrests him. Next episode looks like the much awaited Deathstroke episode.

New Girl – 2.06 “Halloween”  – Jess begins to fall for Sam. Nick gets a chance with his college crush. Robby confronts Schmidt about his actions toward him and CeCe. And Winston tries to salvage his relationship with Shelby. The inevitable relationship with Jess and Nick is again teased.

Next Week’s Most Anticipated

(Episode descriptions from

The Walking Dead – 3.04 “Killer Within” – Lives are endangered when the group gets separated, while in Woodbury, Merle makes an appeal to the Governor.

Once Upon a Time – 2.06 “Tallahassee” – Emma embarks on a dangerous adventure with Captain Hook as they climb up a beanstalk to snatch a magical compass from a deadly giant. Meanwhile, details from Emma’s dark past come to light when she runs into a fellow thief.

Arrow- 1.05 “Damaged”– Oliver is arrested for murder and demands that Laurel represent him in court. Later, Oliver recalls a confrontation on the island with Deathstroke.

Elementary – 1.06 “Flight Risk” – Holmes investigates a plane crash and tries to prove that the disaster was not an accident after he becomes convinced that one of the victims died before the aircraft went down. Meanwhile, Watson attempts to get Holmes to meet with his elusive father.

The League – 4.05 “Judge MacArthur” – Kevin runs into NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at a charity event. Meanwhile, the guys attempt to determine who among them is the smartest.

Thanks for checking out DVR Weekly. Remember, if you have a show you think I should check out, leave a comment. Remember to check back every Monday for DVR Weekly.

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