Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Killer Within”

Wow, just wow. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead is something special. Head past the jump to read this week’s recap of episode four of season three, “Killer Within.”

Goes without saying, but just in case: SPOILERS AHEAD!

We are back at prison again, but still following what is happening at Woodbury. To process this a bit easier, I will start with everything that happens in the prison then what happened in Woodbury even though the show goes back and forth between scenes.


I will start with Woodbury, although the episode actually starts in the Prison.

Michonne is checking out the military vehicles that the Governor has brought back, finding bullet holes and blood. She is caught by the Governor, but questions him about the story he has given. She is not convinced about the story or about the pilot’s death.

Michonne and Andrea are planning to leave Woodbury today and head towards the coast, although Andrea is hesitant to leave the safety of Woodbury.

Andrea shows Merle on a map where the farm is located. Merle picks up without her saying so that Andrea feels abandoned by the survivors. Andrea and Merle begin to have more in common than previously thought. Andrea continues to get around by having drinks with the Governor. They share their past and the Governor even gives up his real name, Phillip, even though in the last episode he said he would never do so.

Merle approaches the Governor about scouting out the farm and potentially reuniting with his brother, but the Governor is more than hesitant to do so. The Governor does not allow Merle to leave because he needs Merle. The Governor offers that if they find concrete evidence then he will join Merle in finding his brother.

As Michonne begins to pack, Andrea asks that they stay at Woodbury one more day before heading out.

The Prison

The episode actually starts with an unknown person grabbing a deer carcass and fuel. The mystery person drags the carcass and hangs it outside a prison door, luring zombies to the smell of meet. The mystery person also cuts one of the chains locking a fence. This can not be good for the survivors.

The survivors begin work on cleaning up the prison, moving vehicles to a more accessible location and burning of the zombie corpses. The survivors would like help from Maggie and Glenn. They call up to a guard tower where the two are “sleeping.”

As the survivors are about to move out, the two remaining prisoners request that they move in with the survivors. The prisoners can not sleep in the cell block provided because of the executed bodies of prisoners that were left behind. The survivors discuss the situation, providing a split in the group’s opinion. Rick tells everyone that the deal he laid out before still stands, the prisoners can stay in the given cell block or leave the prison.

T-Dog obviously does not want to be responsible for the prisoners possible deaths if they were sent out of the prison.

Inside the prison, Carl is cleaning his gun and showing his growth into puberty as he takes a good long look at Beth.

Laurie and Maggie help Hershel become mobile as he uses crutches to stand and begin walking around. Outside the prison, Hershel begins his exploration of what they have done so far. Cars are being moved closer to the buildings, Rick and Glenn are gathering firewood, and there is a nice serene moment.

That moment does not last long as the walkers sneak up on the survivors in the yard, walkers have now re-infested the prison. The survivors inside the yard try to fight off the walkers that have appeared. Rick, Glenn and Daryl race from the outside fence back towards the yard. Hershel with Beth use the crutches to lock themselves in a fenced doorway. Laurie, Maggie and Carl head into the prison. T-Dog notices the open gate that the walkers are streaming through. He clears his way to the gate and forces it closed. As he is locking up the gate, T-Dog is bitten in the back.

When you think nothing else can go wrong, the prison generators come back online causing deafening claxon to sound off which attracts more zombies. A bitten T-Dog grabs Carol, trying to lead her to safety through the prison. Just like every birth in unfortunate circumstances, Laurie goes into labor with zombies around every corner. They hide inside a boiler room.

Rick leads the remaining survivors with the two prisoners into the prison to rescue everyone and shut off the claxon, eventually splitting up. And as if this kid is not scarred enough, Carl has to watch as Maggie tries to help Laurie have the baby. T-Dog has almost helped Carol escape the maze of corridors of the prison but the exit is cut off by two walkers. With no ammo or weapons to take care of the zombies, T-Dog sacrifices himself so that Carol can escape out the door.

Rick, Daryl and Oscar reach the generator room. They begin shutting everything off when Andrew attacks. Remember Andrew? He was the prisoner that Rick left to die when he locked him outside surrounded by walkers. A scuffle ensues which ultimately leads to Oscar with a gun. Andrew pleads with Oscar to shoot Rick so they can take over the prison, but Oscar shoots Andrew instead.

Unable to induce a normal birth, Laurie tells Maggie that she has to perform a c-section with Carl’s knife. Without anesthetic and the proper equipment, this will kill Laurie but she is willing to die for the baby. Laurie passes out due to shock and Maggie is able to bring the baby into the world. Carl tells Maggie that he has to be the one and that Rick can not do it. Maggie takes the baby to the door to see if the coast is clear when a gunshot is heard. Around the corner comes a blank Carl.

The other survivors find the remains of T-Dog and Carol’s do-rag but no Carol. They head back to the yard where Rick is introduced to his baby and without words told about Laurie. In his grief, he collapse.

Wow, what a episode. In just one hour of showtime, we have potential lost three members of the survivors including Laurie who was a derisive character on her own not to mention amongst the group. I can not wait until next week.

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