Bird, Stallone, and Stark… Oh, my.

So let’s start with the farthest away in time to the closest.

Brad Bird signed to direct Lindelof-penned 1952

Brad Bird has been signed to direct a Disney mystery movie (1952) written by Damon Lindelof. This could be really interesting. Whether it’s animation or live-action, Brad Bird has proved he can do both extremely well. Damon Lindelof writing mystery should be good considering his involvement with Lost (I don’t want to hear whining about the ending). More info over at Deadline.

The Expendables 2 Trailer

Yesterday, we got the now-prerequisite teaser to the trailer, but today The Expendables 2 trailer actually dropped. Check it out:

Definitely gonna be full of camp and 80s/90s schlock that I know and love. I’m not expecting it to win any awards, but I definitely look forward to it. Probably won’t beat out The Raid for my fave action movie of the year though.

Not just Iron Man cosplay…

For those of you waiting in line already or prepping yourself for this weekend of The Avengers, check out this clip of amazing Iron Man cosplay:

With that, I’ll leave you with: Enjoy The Avengers. We’ll talk about our thoughts on this weeks podcast along with the promised thoughts on Telltales’  Walking Dead: Episode One.

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