Billie Joe Armstrong – Basketcase?

So Uno! is just around the corner and it has many people quite excited. Well, i guess not if you work the set schedule for iHeartRadio. Billie went absolutely Rock Star Diva when his set was cut short due to scheduling overlap. He went on a rant about how he has been here since 1988 ,”I’m not fucking Justin Beiber you motherfuckers!” and continues on for the minute they were allotted. (I enjoyed every nano-second of this rant!)

As a long time Green Day fan I know just how much this band loves their set times. Early 2000s during the Pop Disaster tour they were co-headlining with Blink 182 and Billie did all he could to make sure they extended their set each show. Admittedly I was at those shows to see Blink182 and was a bit frustrated that they were deliberately going over their set time, but hey that’s rock and roll right? This band plays with the crowd and Billy is an all around showman. So when Usher’s set ran over you can imagine how pissed Billy was to find that their set had been cut. You can’t? Well watch this video. Oh and bravo to Gibson, it took 5 swings to decapitate one of their guitars. Can you say craftsmanship?

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