Cheap Date: Sept 19th (Late Edition)

Wow, I’m late on this one. You can blame me for getting sucked into Pandora and being a vault hunter.

Usually on Cheap Date, I offer a few suggestion for nerd entertainment that will cost you $30. But last week, instead of Cheap Date, I posted about PAX and told everyone to save their money for this week. So this week I will give you two options; A will be for those that saved from last week and B for those that only have the $30. Enjoy!

Option A

Game – $59.99

Borderlands 2

You really need to be playing this game. I know that really is not proper English, but I do not know how else I should say it. Play this game. Play it with friends. The game is really fun, funny, and challenging.

Seriously, go out and play it.

Option B

Comics – $5.98

Fables #121

Holy Jesus! I have not enjoyed a Fables story as much as “Cubs in Toyland” for quite some time. The story of Therese and Dare is amazingly awesome, yet so damn tragic. I just hope Willingham does not rip out my heart for characters that I have only just begin loving…

Walking Dead #102

Wow, the “Something to Fear” storyline concludes with this issue. This is the arc that bought the death of a fan favorite character. While I was not shocked Kirkman killed a character, I was shocked which one it was. And I have always thought it was just fluff when Kirkman kills someone, but I have always enjoyed the aftermath which this issue will provide.

Movies – $11


The 2000AD character comes back to the big screen with Karl Urban in the lead role. I have looked forward to this one for a while. The trailer shows that they really play up the slow motion, hopefully it will not be too cheesy. The fact that the movie reminds me of The Raid: Redemption means that this may be an interesting American rip-off of that movie.

Games – $3 & up

The bundles are back! Humble Indie, Indie Gala, and Indie Royale are all back. Again, it is pay what you want but you can also pay more than the average and get some bonus games. Humble Indie Bundle has Torchlight and Dustforce as the best games of the bundle. Indie Gala focuses on the Worms franchise, the original is there plus a few of the spin-offs for those that pay more than the average. Indie Royale unfortunately is a little bit of a weak release, but Sword & Soldiers save it a bit.

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