Cheap Date: Sept 26th

Welcome, ladies and gentle-nerds to a brand new edition of Cheap Date! Here on Cheap Date, I will give you my recommendations on what you should be spending your money on nerdy entertainment. There is a lot of stuff going down and it can be quite expensive, so I have narrowed it down to just $30!

Hit the jump to see my recommendations…

Movies – $11


The time-traveling action movie coming out this weekend should be a huge success. Although not a quantitative for every movie out there, Looper has already scored big on Rotten Tomatoes and great reviews from early screenings. It should also be exciting to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis to face off against each other for the first time in their careers. I am very much looking forward to this movie and hopefully you will be too.

Comics – $10.97

Wolverine and the X-Men #17

This title is a must read, despite anyone’s distaste for Wolverine. Mike Allred finally comes back to drawing Doop since the end of X-Statix. This Doop-centric issue should be fun and surreal, not to mention Allred’s wonderful art should have anyone picking up the book just on principle alone.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16

You have already had this issue spoiled by Marvel and the major news machines, but if you are one of the lucky ones that have not seen what is in this issue then avert your eyes for this paragraph. I know walking in that a certain Spangled Avenger will be accepting the top office in the United States. I am already spoiled, but the stories that can be told by this old-fashioned soldier being the president should be interesting.

Happy #1

This new mini-series from Grant Morrison with art by Darick Robertson follows an ex-cop turned hit-man and how is life is changed by some very bizarre turn of events. I am honestly not a fan of Morrison’s DC writing, but I genuinely enjoy his more independent stories. And how can I say no to a story with a child-killer Santa and a tiny blue horse named Happy?

Games – $1-6.50

The Humble Indie Bundle 6

I mentioned in last week’s Cheap Date that if you did not want to spend the money on Borderlands 2 then you may want to spend your money on one or all the indie bundles. The Humble Bundle just made itself nigh impossible to refuse. Again, it is pay what you want and you also decide where the money is allocated. If you pay at least $1 then you have the DRM-free games plus the Steam keys to five fantastic games including the original Torchlight. But if you go above the average (which is at $6.15 at the time of this writing). then you get five more games including Dustforce, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner and others. Not to mention for every game you get you get a soundtrack (except for VesselĀ which did not release one).

How can you pass up on $135 worth of indie games for as low as $6.15?


Again, I hope you have enjoyed everything that I have recommended. I will see you all next week for another new edition of Cheap Date!

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