Cheap Date: Nov 7th

Sorry about missing last week’s edition of Cheap Date, but here is a brand new one for you to go over and I think it is a good one. Remember on Cheap Date, I recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment to get you through the week.

Head past the jump to see my recommendations.

Alright, this week (and most likely next week) will be cheat weeks I think for most people. Halo 4 released yesterday and the standard edition costs $60 alone, not to mention if you were able to pick up a Limited Edition. And from review, it is a must-play game. But we are going to ignore that you are probably $60 in the hole already and proceed from there, because there is still a lot of great stuff out this week.

Movies – $11

Viewer’s Choice!

This week and the past couple are packed with some really good movies for you to choose from. I want to watch each movie. If you missed Wreck-It Ralph and the phenomenal Paperman short, then that should be your decision to watch. But if you already have seen Wreck-It Ralph then you may have some decisions to make as there are a total of five possible movies that you can watch from last week or releasing this Friday. My pick will be Skyfall. I have always enjoyed the 007 movies and Daniel Craig looks in great form.

Comics – $16.96

Ghosts #1

Ghosts #1 is an anthology released last week from Vertigo, a callback to DC Comics’ old anthologies under the same name released in the 70s. Anthologies are hit and miss, but this one has a lot of creative power driving it, including some amazing unfinished work from the late Joe Kubert. This is more expensive than your weekly floppies but it is well worth it.

Animal Man #14 & Swamp Thing #14

These two books go hand-in-hand. Seeing how the DC universe has been transformed by the Rot has been one of the best “zombie” iterations in comics. It does not hurt that you have all-star writers in Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder.

Deadpool #1

The revolution of Marvel NOW! begins here with Deadpool #1, or that Iron Man #1 if you like. Comedic comics are hard to do, but the Merc with a Mouth seems to do well. Now that they have hired actual comedians to write the series in Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, Deadpool may have become more than a cult character.

That will do it for us here. I hope to you see you next week for a brand new edition of Cheap Date.

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3 responses to “Cheap Date: Nov 7th”

  1. wwayne says :

    Lemire will write Green Arrow from the 17th issue on. He promised a return to classic GA believing that this would help bring back disillusioned fans back to the character. This is exactly what the character needed: a good writer recreating him from head to toe, and giving us back the old Oliver we used to love.
    I complained about the New 52 version of Green Arrow on every blog I could find, and all the other fans of the character were unsatisfied as well, so I knew that DC couldn’t ignore us forever, and was going to making him mature once again.
    Also, notice that Lemire will go on working with a penciller having a creepy style: after Foreman and Pugh, we’ll see him teaming up with Sorrentino. This is a good thing, because creepy art perfectly ties with his delightfully weird style of writing.
    I hope Lemire won’t leave Animal Man, because no one could write it as well as him. The relationship between Animal Man and Lemire is like the one between Johns and Aquaman: when the writer leaves the series, it will never be the same.

    • Danny says :

      Lemire is definitely becoming one of those writers that I will trust to do well with just about any character. I am honestly surprised that they are sticking with the Green Arrow title, it has been atrocious from the start. Hopefully the new creative team will breathe some new life into the character.

      While I will be sad when Lemire does decide to leave Animal Man, I am more than confident that someone will competently fill the role. I mean it sucked when Grant Morrison finished his run on Animal Man, but it led to a lot of different things to happen like Lemire’s play on the aliens that abduct Buddy.

      • wwayne says :

        “While I will be sad when Lemire does decide to leave Animal Man, I am more than confident that someone will competently fill the role”: I hope so as well. Thank you for your reply! : )

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