Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man Sequel?

Amazing Spider-Man just released on Blu-ray/DVD last Friday and many people are already trying to guess who will be in the sequel. From end scene of Amazing Spider-Man, I believe that the person talking with Curt Conners to be the Vulture. Where Ricky thinks that the person is actually Electro, especially with news that Jamie Foxx would like to take on the role.

What if we are both correct?

Hit the jump to read my wild speculation.

During an interview with ET Online, Marc Webb and his visual effects team alluded to a couple of Easter eggs hidden in the movie. Specifically, they mention that the final scene that had Spider-Man being slingshot out of a crane then swinging for a minute before doing one final pose.

Here are a few items that appear.

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What are we looking at here?

In the first scene, we see a large pipe. So what if it is a pipe? I do not believe so, this pipe is too clean to belong in that alley. I believe it is one of the tentacles belonging to Doctor Octopus. In the next scene, we see a pair of bright yellow pants hanging out to dry. Again, the bright color sets it off in the dark alley and I believe these are Electro’s pants. Don’t ask me why he is hanging his laundry out to dry. The next scene includes more dirty laundry, but this time in a purple and green scheme. There are only two characters in the Spider-Man rogues gallery that where those colors, Green Goblin and Mysterio. For my argument, we will say it is Mysterio. Then there is a quick flash of birds flying out of a windowsill, one of which is distinctly green which may allude to the Vulture.

Again, this is all speculation but I have more proof to back it up.

In the scene with Conners and the mystery person, we see what appears to be an elderly white male. My argument for it being the Vulture was that appearance. Ricky’s argument for Electro was the lighting in the background. But what if it was the Vulture talking with Conners and then Electro zaps Vulture away. Not really his normal power set, I know, but movies change those little ideas all the time. With talks of Jamie Foxx filling the role of Electro, he does not fit the description of the man inside the cell.

My insane idea is that they will actually have the Sinister Six attacking Spider-Man in the second movie before they conclude the trilogy with the Green Goblin and the tragedy that is Gwen Stacy. After watching the special features from the Blu-ray, I know that the filmmakers had always regretted Spider-Man growing up too fast in the original trilogy. In this trilogy, they may drag out stories a little farther.


Am I hopelessly pulling at loose threads or am I really on to something? Let me know in the comments.

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