Cheap Date: Jan 30th

Good evening and welcome to another edition of Cheap Date. A little late in the evening, I know, but at least it came out. For those of you who are new to the site and Cheap Date; in this article I recommend a collection of nerdy entertainment for the week and all of it will fall cheaply into the $30 price range for everything.

Please head past the jump to read my recommendations.

We have a fun week in store us, which will include the first game to include cross-platform game play for four different platforms.

Movie – $11

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies gives us that zombie craving that never seems to go away but plays up the humor with a little “rom-com” added in. The book it was based on may not be the best, but I would be amiss to not give the movie a shot.

Comic – $4

Avengers #4

Jonathon Hickman’s first three issues of his run on Avengers show too much promise and excitement for anyone to pass up. In this issue, we will find out about the upcoming newest member to Earth’s Mightest Heroes.

Game – $15

Skulls of the Shogun

Forgive the cheesy commercial, because this appears to be a great asynchronous real-time-strategy game. Of course, this game only works on Microsoft platforms but if you have one or more then you should definitely look into this game.


Get out there and enjoy these nerdy thing. I will be back next week to continue my service on Cheap Date.

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