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CYaN Podcast Episode 42: Deathspike

Good morning! Hopefully, you are staying warm and your Monday is not starting off too bad; but if not then we have a brand new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. This week; Danny and Ricky talk about movie news and rumors for a few of our favorite franchises, as well as mumble our way through.

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Cheap Date: Jan 30th

Good evening and welcome to another edition of Cheap Date. A little late in the evening, I know, but at least it came out. For those of you who are new to the site and Cheap Date; in this article I recommend a collection of nerdy entertainment for the week and all of it will fall cheaply into the $30 price range for everything.

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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


Okay, as you may have noticed by now I am a fan of books that become movies. Actually it seems like recently just about everything on the big screen falls into that category. I found this book after watching the trailer for Warm Bodies. I vaguely remembered the plot from my search for a zombie story that was less gore more heart.

If you have seen the trailer you know that this story tries to make light of the Protagonist,  R‘s, situation; you know… being the walking undead. Here is what you need to know about the plot.

This is a story of star-crossed lovers. She is a teenage girl and he is a zombie who has eaten her boyfriend’s brain. When a zombie eats a human brain, it absorbs all of its prey’s memories and in the case of “R” he absorbs the feelings this boy has for Julie.  R & Julie…. ring and shakespearian bells? R’s ability to love Julie causes a change and its contagious, proving that love truly conquers all.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 29: Fartsparkle

Hello, everybody! Here comes another new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. Danny and Ricky talk about quite a few things this week; including this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, more details of the LucasFilms/Disney deal, comic books, TV shows on YouTube, and a whole bunch more. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Undead Trailers

You should know by now that we at Call Yourself A Nerd are pretty big zombies fans, especially when it comes to our love of The Walking Dead.

Next year, we get lucky with two promising movies. The first one is Warm Bodies and it is about a zombie falling in love with a normal human girl. Before you make Twilight comparisons, this movie actually looks funny on purpose. Then we have World War Z with Brad Pitt which look to be intense with fast zombies. Both titles are based on books, I have read World War Z and it is quite an interesting collection of stories.

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