Update on New Neil Gaiman Book

neilOne of the many perks of having an account with Audible is that you get free short stories and excerpts from your favorite authors. This week there is a short story from Neil Gaiman from his smoke and mirrors anthology as well as an excerpt from The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

For you regular readers you know the plot from my previous post, and you also know how excited I am. This excerpt is basically a first chapter of the book and gives us an idea of who the narrator is as well as a better feel for the three Hempstock women.

I am totally against spoilers, but if you are unable to get your hands on the excerpt I have made a vague list with a bit about the book, which I would like to call:

Three not so spoiler-y spoilers:

  1.  The narrator is a bit of a loner, only spending time with his books and his kitten.
  2.  The Hempstocks are possibly clairvoyant.
  3. There is a body found.

The narrator may be a child, but that does not stop this from being a novel for adults. I have been torturing myself with the reviews on Goodreads and so many of the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)  readers have said the book is scary. Perhaps, my favorite review, contained this line:

Once again, Neil does what he does so well: he takes us by the hand and introduces us to a dark, tangled corner of the universe full of things that make us shiver and hold our breath in the dark.

Okay my countdown to June 18th continues!

On a related note I am almost done with the newest installment of Gaiman’s Sci-Fi series Interworld which he co-wrote with  Michael Reaves and Mallory Reaves. I will have a review for you soon.

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