IWLet’s talk parallel universes for a second.

Let’s say that a very important man in an impeccable suit has his index finger hovering over a huge red button. This button is connected to some very  deadly weapons and they are all pointed at the most recent incarnation of Hitler. It is at this moment that a parallel universe is created. In one of the universes the man pushed that button and there is a new divot in the earth’s surface. In the other he chooses peace and puts plan ‘B’ into action. Since you existed in this scenario, now somewhere there is another you! This you will be shaped by his new environment. This you will be slightly different, but essentially the same.

Joey Harker understands this concept better than most because he can Walk between universes and has met the other “hims”. In fact there is a whole fleet of hims!

Interworld is an fun adventure story that explores the idea of parallel universes through the experiences Iw2of one human boy. I typically don’t go this far into Sci-Fi territory in my book picks, but once I got the whole alitverse, multi-dimensional, binary, vocabulary down I really started enjoying it. C’mon a young adult thrown into a war that he didn’t even know was going on and not only that, he is expected to play a pivotal role! It gets a bit more exciting when you identify the sides of the war; Magic vs. Science.

Joey Harker is tested by tough trials and put into impossible situations with the expectation that he will succeed. This is not necessarily the outcome for our young friend, but you will have to read it to find out what I mean.

It was a collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Neil Gaiman is the author of many popular novels including The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Stardust. Michael Reaves is probably best known for his Star Wars novels, including Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter and The Last Jedi. So far the series has two books (released 6 years apart) Interworld (2007) and The Silver Dream (2013). The option has been picked up by DreamWorks for a feature film. Pretty good start for a side project. I wonder if DreamWorks will speed up the process now that Ender’s Game is so close to hitting theatres? (Pure speculation on my part)

Still not convinced? If you are like me and enjoy the fantasy side of this genre a bit more than the “Sci-Fi” part then you have to meet the MDLF (Multi Dimentional Life Forms) pronounced MudLuffs. One MDLF in particular really brings Gaiman’s style to the forefront and gives you a more emotional aspect of the story to fixate on. See? Something for everyone.


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