Mob City Teases December Premiere

Frank Darabont is a name that I identify with quality. I love The Shawshank Redemption and The Majestic. More recently he helped get The Walking Dead adapted into the hit AMC series. Unfortunately, he was fired during the show’s second season. But soon after, there was rumblings in the rumor-verse that he was working on a new TV show. This show would be a crime noir show set in Los Angeles. Unrest with some of the actors on The Walking Dead set hinted toward certain actors jumping ship. Jeffrey DeMunn, a Darabont mainstay, was one of the first to be killed off. Jon Bernthal was not far behind. The then-titled “Lost Angels” was beginning to take shape. I hadn’t been following much since then, but now I was blown away by the first trailer for the series, now called Mob City. Check it out below.

The cast looks amazing. Not only does it include the aforementioned Jon Bernthal, but it will also include the talented Milo Ventimiglia. Simon Pegg will also apparently have a part in the pilot. I’m definitely looking forward to the show’s December premiere.

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