Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: Confessions

poopThis is the episode to watch. I thought that the first week back was amazing, but episode 11 just blew it away. Walt makes a confession video that changes the game and Jesse uncovers the truth of a past suspicion. Todd is making moves to be his own boss and Saul gets a much deserved whipping! Hit the jump for a full episode recap.

We begin this episode in a diner off route 66. Todd and his crew stop for a bite after last episode’s massacre. They rehash one of Heisenberg’s greatest heists and Todd calls Mr. White to let him know about the “change in management.” It feels like the meth empire is taking a backseat to the character aspects of this series. Todd is taking over as head cook and is basically running the lab. This is a huge promotion for his character, but we aren’t spending much time with the details of the operation as we have in past seasons.

jesse HankWhat about Jesse and Hank?

Hank gets his shot to talk to Jesse and the mention of Walt’s name is enough to get through Jesse’s lethargy. Hank is taking a risk being in the same room as Jesse after their previous scuffle, but he thinks that Jesse’s behavior means there is something wrong between Jesse and Walt. He offers Jesse a deal in exchange for information, but Jesse is not having it. Saul stops any further conversation and he gives Jesse a stern talking to before calling Walt to let him know that he has Jesse.

Walt is home and Jr. tells him that Marie called and asked him to come over to help with some “computer issue”. Walt knows that Marie is just trying to get his children away from him so he stops Jr from leaving by telling him that his cancer has returned. Jr. is crushed by the news and wants to stay home to be with his father. Walt sits down with Skylar to tape a confession. Dun dun dun!

pieces of flairWalt and Skylar invite Hank and Marie to a local Mexican restaurant to sort things out. Walt goes in his usual swiss sidemanipulation mode and urges Hank to think of the children. Hank calls him on his bullshit and when asked what Hank thinks he should do Marie interjects and asks Walt to commit suicide. Everyone else at the table is appalled, but for different reasons. Hank thinks he should serve time in jail and Skylar believes this topic should be dropped since Walt is retired. The table is unable to come to a consensus so Walt and Skylar leave, but leave a DVD for Hank and Marie.

This is where it gets good!

They play the DVD once at home. Keep in mind Hank has yet to tell the DEA of Walt’s involvement in the meth game.

walt confessionWalt confesses to working for Hank as the cook for HANK’S meth empire. He says that when he was diagnosed with cancer Hank took him on a ride along and convinced him to spend what time he had left making money for his family. Walt agreed and cooked for Hank. He detailed Hank’s partnership with Gustavo Fring and their falling out. Walt went on to say that Hank sold him into Gusatvo’s operation and when things turned sour Fring attempted to kill Hank. The assassination was unsuccessful, but it left Hank badly injured and Walt was forced to pay the hospital bills totaling over $177k. In retaliation Hank forced Walt to build a bomb which eventually killed Gustavo. During this confession Walt is practically in tears and looks like a man at the end of his rope. He talks about his fear of Hank and how he felt like he was in too deep to escape. Hank would threaten Walt and his family, going as far as kidnapping his children for three months. It was only at this point that his dear wife, Skylar, found out about his criminal life and was horrified.

Hank and Marie cannot believe what they were watching. Hank more so since he didn’t know that Walt paid for his medical bills. Marie tells him that she took the money because she thought it was from Walt’s gambling winnings. Hank in turn tells her that she has killed him (Hank). A little dramatic? Maybe.

Meanwhile in the desert.

Saul and Jesse wait around in the middle of nowhere. Saul tells Jesse he should be more nervous, but Pinkman just remains in his trance like state. When Walt arrives he tried to have a heart to heart with Jesse. He wants him to get out of town and start a new life. Get a job he loves, find a girl, get married etc. He starts telling him how he wishes they could trade places. Jesse freaks out at that point and says, “Will you just, for once, stop working me?” Walt tries to play dumb, but Jesse makes it clear that he feels like if he doesn’t leave town Walt will kill him, like he killed Mike. He screams that Walt should just be straight with him and ask for the favor of Jesse leaving town. Walt becomes very serious and when you think Heisenberg will emerge, he hugs Jesse. Awwww…. Well. Awwwwwkward.

click click clickSaul and Jesse return to the lawyer’s office and Saul arranges for Jesse to leave town. He has a new identity for him and Walt provides him with enough money to start his new life. Jesse tries to cope by smoking some dope, but Saul freaks out. He doesn’t think the new identity guy will help Jesse if he shows up to the drop high. Jesse refuses to give up his weed. Later, at the pick up point Jesse realizes that Saul managed to steal the weed from his pocket and left cigarettes in its place. He stares at the pack of cigarettes and you can hear the gears clicking into place. His ride shows up, but Jesse storms off instead of getting in the van. He returns to Saul’s office and kicks the crap out of the crooked lawyer! He screams that they stole his weed and accuses Saul of stealing the ricin cigarette. Saul confesses and Jesse leaves with Saul’s pistol. Saul immediately calls Walt.

reached for the gunWalt rushes to the car wash and retrieves a pistol of his own in the soda machine. Jesse doesn’t go to the car wash though, he goes to Walt’s home. Once inside he starts splashing gasoline everywhere.

I guess we now know how the house gets so trashed in such a short amount of time. Wow! Jesse is back in action and I for one could not be happier. Emo Jesse was kind of a bore. Can’t wait till next week!

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