Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12 Recap : Rabid Dog

jesseSorry for the late post guys. I was out Nerd-ing it up with the rest of the CYaN staff at PAX Prime 2013. Video Games, Table Top, Cosplay… but unfortunately no AMC. Sigh, well… what matters is that we are here now and ready to talk drama. Thanks to my procrastination we will have two Breaking Bad Posts tonight!

Last week we left off with Jesse in a rage after learning about Walt’s despicable secrets. Pouring gasoline all over the man’s living room. This week we get to see the aftermath and understand where Walt actually stands when it comes to Jesse. Don’t forget about the newly blackmailed Hank and Marie. They have a plan in motion and an unlikely ally. Hit the jump to start our re-cap.

Walt arrives at his house and find’s Saul’s car (License plate LWYRUP) idling on his gravel.  He sneaks into the living room and immediately smells all the gasoline, but still no Jesse. He does his best spy impression as he searches, but the house is empty. He takes this as a sign that his partner has changed his mind and decided arson is not the best course of action. Mr. White calls Jesse and thanks him for changing his mind, but Jesse’s voicemail is unsympathetic. Saul’s guys arrive and Walt has them watch his car wash and the high school of his son, just in case.  At the same time Walt has the front door replaced with the same locks and has a carpet cleaning crew working on the living room. The last thing he needs is for Skylar and Jr. to find out that their home was a target. Unfortunately the best carpet cleaners wouldn’t be able to remove the odor.

He comes up with a lame story to explain all the gasoline away. He soaks his clothes in gasoline and the seat of his car and claims that it was a pump malfunction at the gas station. Jr. doesn’t believe that Walt just left his gas-soaked clothes lying on the living room floor and assumes that he lied to cover up a cancer related fainting spell. Walt denies this and proposes a hotel vacation while the carpet is replaced. Jr and Skylar agree and the family moves into a swanky hotel.

SaulWaltKubySaul comes to the hotel to give Walt an update on the search for Jesse and gives some convoluted metaphor about Jesse being like old yeller and Walt needing to put Jesse down. Walt makes it clear that Jesse is like family and there is no way that he is having Jesse killed OR will hear that suggestion from Saul ever again. He laid down the law basically and Saul shut his still bruised mouth.  Walt goes to his hotel room and Skylar calls him out on his gas pump malfunction lie. He tells her about Jesse and the home invasion, he explains that he has everything under control. Skylar, looking like a mob wife, tells Walt, ” What’s one more?” as in why not kill Jesse, what is one more body to him. Walt is shocked, but that is two people in the last 24 hours who have said the same thing, will this idea take root in his mind?

What the hell happened to Jesse? We flash back to the beginning of the episode and find out that he was about to light up the house, but HANK busts in. WTH? He has Jesse at gun point and proposes they team up to take out Walt. Jesse rages a little longer before leaving peacefully in Hank’s car. Jesse is still high and basically out of it and instead of taking him in Hank takes him home. Like a lost puppy.

Meanwhile, his wife Marie, is at a therapist office. She is spilling her feelings all over the poor doctor and her paranoia level is off the charts. Going as far as looking up untraceable poisons. when she arrives home Hank has packed her bags and booked a spa trip for her. Marie doesn’t buy it and instead finds Jesse passed out in their guest room. Instead of throwing a fit she decides to help because she knows that Jesse’s help will affect Walt. She goes into domestic goddess mode and has hot coffee waiting for Jesse when he wakes from his narcotic nap.

Hank is also ready for Jesse and has the video camera ready to capture every dastardly deed that his brother in law has committed. I am kind of disappointed that Jesse went through with this tape thing. He knows there is no physical evidence and that Walt is retired. What is the point of spilling your guts? Who will they believe: Former educator with a family and cancer OR dropout with a criminal record and jesseconfesspositive drug test? Hank insists that Jesse’s testimony will help and then plots to have Jesse and Walt meet after listening to a voicemail that Walt left on Jesse’s cell. Jesse is smart enough to know that this meeting could be a setup, but Han thinks it really is what Walt says it is, just a conversation. He points out that all of Walt’s dirty deeds kept Jesse safe or at least to keep Jesse close. He thinks that Walt truly does care for his partner. Eventually Jesse agrees to meet with Mr. White as well as wear a wire. Jesse thinks that this will finally get Walt off the streets and serve up some justice. Hank pretends that he cares about Jesse, but he later confides in his DEA buddy that even if Walt kills Jesse this meeting will get them some sort of evidence. He doesn’t care if he is sending Jesse to his death. Shady dealings…

jesseThey arrive at a crowded park and Jesse is miked up ready to go through with the plan, but as he approaches Walt he sees another bald man with goatee. The similarity to Walt seems like it is more than a coincidence and Jesse thinks this is a set up to kill him. Keep in mind he still has drugs in his system and his paranoia levels are off the charts after finding out that Mr. White is a child poisoner. So he rushes to the last payphone in existence and dial’s Walt’s cell number. When Walt answers Jesse goes off and tells him basically nice try. Now I will hit you where you REALLY live. Walt doesn’t even get a chance to reason with him. Jesse storms off and a pissed Hank comes barreling around the corner and bitches Jesse out. He is cussin up a storm and Jesse just sits there and you have to wonder, does Jesse really have a plan? Was his threat just said in the moment?

Jesse’s words must have hit home though, because once Walt returns to his car he makes a call to Todd. He has a job for Todd’s uncle. dun breakingbad_s5ep12_todduncledun dun….

Will he kill Jesse? Is this really happening?

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