First Trailer Reveals the Ninja Turtles

The first trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just released. Of course there is some trepidations with rumors of how Michael Bay wanted to handled the franchise.

I won’t say the trailer surprised me, but it was a different trailer than what I would have expected.

Ninja your way past the jump to watch the trailer with a few thoughts afterwards.


I’m trying to keep an open mind to this movie, but it is getting as “Michael Bay” as it can. While I can get behind the Foot’s new look and the imposing look of Leo; there’s a whole lot that makes me weary.

The turtles’ faces look too human-like. In fact, it’s down right creepy. The movie will probably be aimed towards adults who grew up with them; but I feel downright sorry for any child that may want to experience this. Michelangelo’s face will give plenty of nightmares.

I can’t take Megan Fox serious, especially if she’s supposed to be April O’Neil. Yes, the original idea of TMNT is supposed to be satire but seeing Megan Fox takes it to another level of disbelief.

Of all the things to focus on an action scene; the trailer chooses a snow sliding scene? No fights, no ninja moves. Just a bunch overgrown turtles riding on their backs then Raph crashing into a Humvee.

Who am I kidding? I’m going to see this movie. I may just regret it later.

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