The Pull – Thought About Comics Week 2 2015

This week on The Pull, time runs out for an Avenger, Grayson takes on Midnighter once again, Dawn and Silver Surfer visit a world of lasts, the Rebellion continues after destroying the Death Star, and Carl makes a new friend in The Walking Dead. All of this and a few side thoughts on this week’s comics lie ahead. Spoilers ahead so click past the jump.

Avengers 40

W: Jonathan Hickman; A: Stefano Caselli

While I didn’t start reading New Avengers until Time Runs Out began, the relationship between Namor and Black Panther was not lost on me. I’d seen glimpses of it in Avengers and other books. This issue paid off quite a few threads including T’Challa’s desire to seek revenge on Namor. Steve’s hunt for the Illuminati came to a head last issue when Sue Storm revealed her true loyalties to her husband. Reed Richards explained the plan he had devised with the other Illuminati beginning with the removal of Thanos and the Cabal. Roberto’s acquisition of AIM was integral in Reed’s plan as was Namor’s cooperation. Most of the members of the Illuminati agree to face judgment following the success of their plan.

With the introduction of the Secret Wars tag, Time Runs Out, and the Avengers books with it, seems to have hit a turning point which also seems to be a theme with the five issues I liked the most this week.

Grayson 6

W: Tim Seeley/Tom King; A: Mikel Janin

While trying to recover the Paragon Brain from the Fist of Cain, Dick is pulled through a Door to the Garden. While there he faces off with the Midnighter once more and wins. He meets the Gardener who informs him that the Paragon was created to destroy her. The “Next” caption reads “Yeah But Wha” and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve seen more of the world of Spyral in this issue than we’ve seen in the last six wonderfully written issues before it. We are introduced to the Spyder, the triumvirate that leads Spyral. We get the smallest tease of what lies behind Mr. Minos’ hypno-face.

Aside from Dick’s investigation of Spyral, I hadn’t really noticed an over-arcing story. Sure, Dick has been testing the meaning of parts of his morality and training, but nothing has really developed with Spyral. Now we’re getting a little more of Spyral and some kind of big bad in the Gardener. I’m looking forward to how this twist changes things.

Silver Surfer 8

W: Dan Slott; A: Michael Allred

And the turning points keep on turning! Dawn and Norrin’s journey lands them on a hidden planet full of the final survivors of dead planets. Those planets? Destroyed by Galactus with the help of the Silver Surfer and other heralds. This leads to Dawn’s first discovery of Norrin’s past, and she is left distraught. She orders him to leave until the survivors are able to find her a way back to Earth. The Surfer leaves but the trail of Cosmic energy has led Galactus to the hidden planet.

Is this Galactus’ first appearance in the 616 since Cataclysm? I thought he’d been left in the Negative Zone? Either way, it was only a matter of time before Dawn found out. I’ve said this run has been Marvel’s version of Doctor Who, and this must be the downer survivor of the Time War type of revelation. Can’t wait to get back to the fun, but I appreciate some serious time too.

Star Wars 1

W: Jason Aaron; A: John Cassaday

I had no idea what to expect from this new Star Wars series except the characters I know and love. If that’s what you expected, then you will not be disappointed. The Rebellion is riding high following the destruction of the Death Star in A New Hope. Luke, Han, and Leia arrive to sabotage a weapons manufacturing facility under the guise of representatives of the Hutts. Things go wrong, and Darth Vader shows up.

Okay, maybe I lied. I was expecting more from this series than another Rebellion versus Darth Vader story. Maybe some hints of December’s brand spanking new installment? Not yet, I guess. The Clone Wars TV series made great strides in establishing canon and telling stories throughout the universe. I hope we are able to see moments like that in this comic. Maybe time away from Luke, Leia, and Han? Leia and Vader are getting their own series too, so there’s plenty of room to create and lay out the next extended universe.

The Walking Dead 138

W: Robert Kirkman; A: Charlie Adlard

The Whisperers are biding their time as one of their own remains captive. While imprisoned for his actions, Carl befriends Lydia, the captured Whisperer. He assures her that the Hilltop is full of good people. Meanwhile, Gregory plots Maggie’s murder to regain power.

The time jump was a welcome surprise. I know the security of the communities can never be guaranteed or else why read, but I’m curious what kind of threat the Whisperers pose.

Batgirl 38

W: Cameron Stewart/Brenden Fletcher; A: Babs Tarr

Hipster Batgirl runs afoul of everyone: Drunken Reality Star, hero-turned-lead singer Black Canary, and cop/love interest. This secret villain knows an awful lot about her and knows all of the buttons to push. I’m more interested in that then rest that happened in this issue.

Batman Eternal 41

W: Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV/Ray Fawkes; A: Joe Quinones

The Mad Hatter strikes as he uses a new nanotech virus to take control of an army of children as well as Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl. This forces Bluebird to hit the streets. Like I said last week, barreling toward that first hint of Batman Eternal we got back in Batman 28.

Spider-Verse 2

W: Various; A: Various

A fun group of Spider-shorts but nothing that really moves the story forward.


W: Mark Waid; A: Humberto Ramos

Jenna Simmons goes undercover to find black market weapons in a high school where Ms Marvel provides support to Simmons and Coulson. Definitely felt filler-y, especially since the first issue set up a big mystery.

What’s coming up next week on the Pull List?
  • Batman Eternal #42
  • Justice League #38
  • All New X-Men #35
  • Amazing Spider-Man #13
  • Fantastic Four #642
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #23Batman and Robin #38

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