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Rap God (Explicit) – Eminem

“I make elevating music, you make elevator music.”

Eminem is still at the top of my list for favorite lyricist. This track really accentuates his skill, I have the lyrics for you after the jump and I must admit when I read them it felt like I was reading a mini-epic poem. Well, length wise. Give it a shot. Read More…

New Music: Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

KL3Kings of Leon and I have a past, it started around their third album Because of the Times with their song True Love Way.  It started out simple, We’d be so free, – Happy alone, Sharing a smile, so far from home. And we would laugh, laugh ‘til we cried.

KL 4The next year it was even better, Only by the Night came out and the infatuation was in full bloom. They  sent out a message that resonated on every radio wave, they could Use Somebody. Someone like {me}. This album was on repeat in my car, not that I needed the album… you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a song from this amazing album. Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, Revelry, Notion, Crawl, and Frontier City. So many singles that the next couple years passed by without the need for a new album.

KL 5You always expect the relationship to have a low, but Come Around Sundown was such a low that it felt like an end. Each of the singles felt like they were missing an integral part to the Kings of Leon sound. It felt like they dug down to their hillbilly roots at the bottom of their creative barrel. I said my goodbyes and revisited good times from their previous two albums.

Then in July serendipity struck and a song caught my attention while scanning random stations on the radio. A familiar feeling crept over me and I scrambled for my Shazam app to confirm what I thought I was hearing. My phone flashed, Supersoaker – Kings of Leon. That moment brought back that lovin’ feeling. Apparently the Kings of Leon … don’t mind sentimental girls at times “Miss, don’t walk away, walk away.”  Ok, I won’t.

I am currently on my second listen of this album and I am enjoying the smooth mix of lyrics and melody. The group has grown in their songwriting and it shows. The album has a good mix of contemplative mellow jams and upbeat rock hits. I like their distinct sound and the fact that it is consistent from album to album without becoming monotonous. Mechanical bull has some guitar solos that really set it apart from the band’s previous albums, check out Don’t Matter for an example. Beautiful War is a good example of their mellow-er tracks and of course you have your instant radio singles in Supersoaker and Wait for Me.

Pick up the new album and trust me you’ll be reunited and it’ll feel so good.

Everybody Knows… That Danny Trejo is the man!

Danny Trejo has such an amazing look to him that it makes sense that he would have a voice just as amazing. Enjoy the new music video for Dustin Tavella’s everybody knows.

The song is not more than an anthem for scorned teen girls, but the elements are fun. Danny Trejo’s lipsyncing is great and there are a few cameos from Marielle Jaffe, Francia Raisa, Charity Baroni, Fingazz, Baby Bash, Sammy Droke, Kim Crossman and probably the most recognizable Selena Gomez.

A Dose of Viral Video

Have you guys seen this? I love the lyrics and the vocals are not bad either. Enjoy the After Ever After!

Justin Timberlake Dresses Up for the Suit and Tie Video

Alright, I may be stealing some of Natalia’s thunder with this post but there is something for me as well.

After a five-year break, Justin Timberlake is making more music and set to release his next album, The 20/20 Experience, next month. Released today for people to swoon over is the music video for the first single “Suit and Tie.” Not only does this mark Timberlake’s return to music with a great song, it also features the return of David Fincher (The Social Network, Se7en) to directing music videos.

Make your way past the jump to watch the video.

Read More…

Baby it’s cold outside…. So here is your album of the week!

Sssssoo freezzzing. I had to scrape ice off my front and back windshields… The closest I will get to a White Christmas in San Francisco though. Once I got myself inside, and my blood back to a normal temperature, I was in the mood for one of my favorite holiday albums of this century: A Very She & Him Christmas.

This album takes some of the most popular Holiday songs and gives them the indie treatment. Blues guitars and vintage sounds to really make these covers stand out. I enjoy Zooey’s voice and think she puts an interesting spin on many of my favorites. By far, the best track on this album is Baby it’s cold outside where they swap roles and do an amazingly enjoyable duet.

I loved M. Ward’s album this year and the collaboration between him and Zooey Deschanel is always amazing. Yeah I know, completely pathetic indie pop fan here. Yesterday they released a very cute ANIMATED video for their rendition of Baby it’s Cold Outside and I thought I would share. Enjoy with hot cocoa! Read More…

Robots exact Revenge

It is rare for this music-nerd to find a music video that just sells her on a band. This is a video from a local SF rock band, King loses Crown. Their song is My Revenge and its video is pretty damn cool. I should probably set it up by saying this song is basically a man saying, “if I can’t have you no one else can.” So they take that message and use robots to exact their revenge throughout the city of San Francisco.

I was trying to find a place to download the song  and stumbled upon their SoundCloud, where you can listen to their songs for free. Album out 02.19.13 Click for the songs. Read More…

Get “Trapped” Again

Way back in 2005, R. Kelly figured out how to get the attention away from him peeing on underaged girls by releasing a hiphop opera titled “Trapped in the Closet”.  He continued making more chapters of the convoluted love affairs and life stories of the various characters into 2007. Well, IFC has announced that coming November 23, Chapter 23 and more new chapters will be released as shorts on IFC and their website. Enjoy the preview.

New Music Video: Bruno Mars

This song has really grown on me as his new album Unorthodox Jukebox approaches. The video is not his usual throw him in a warehouse with some instruments video, though it is not a lyrical parallel either. I really enjoyed the effect and it made each scene feel like a memory that he will keep for years to come, yet empty because he has been Locked Out of Heaven. Such a fitting choice. This is his first single from the new album and I am sure we will hear more this weekend as he is both the host and musical guest on SNL. What do you think of the video? Will you be buying his new album on 12/11/12?

Coldplay’s Hurts Like Heaven Mylo Xyloto Music Video

Coldplay just released an illustrated music video for their song Hurts Like Heaven. It follows a band of rebels who are running from soldiers of the silencer army. Everything they touch is splashed with color and music, which makes this monochromatic environment much more interesting. The song is definitely overpowered by the story which is making this music nerd excited for a comic book! The first issue is set to be released in February of 2013. Watch and let me know what you think in the new forums page. Enjoy!

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