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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap Episode 102: 0-8-4

The Bus is up in the air and Coulson is reporting all clear. The air-traffic controller mentions a dust-up on the ground. The hole explodes in the side of the Bus and body flies out. Since when would using Lola to catch up with the plane is a “dust-up”? It wouldn’t. Flash back to nineteen hours earlier. Skye is officially joining the team as a consultant, much to Ward and May’s displeasure. Fitz and Simmons give Skye the grand tour while Coulson puts his foot down. After another “magical” Tahiti mention, Coulson explains to Skye what an 0-8-4 means. It is an object of unknown origin, and the last time they found one? A hammer in the New Mexico desert.AgentsofSHIELDLogoHIt the jump to continue reading but expect some spoilers. Read More…

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