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That Voice: and the women it belongs to … a playlist.

Sing It, Girl!A distinct voice is hard to come by and lately I have been trying to put together a playlist that showcases the┬ádeeper side of a woman’s voice. I keep searching for that voice, the one that will just make me stop what I am doing and listen.

After searching the deep corners of my library and using my shazam app at every turn, I have created an amazing playlist. Ahem, if I do say so myself. (shines nails on shirtfront)

Amy Winehouse was such an amazing┬átalent and her voice helped so many women showcase their sound. There will always be a place for the Whitney’s and the Mariah’s on the airwaves, but once in a while I am looking for something different and it is such a shame when you have to travel to the oldies section to get it. Read More…

Adele is a Diamond

Adele‘s album “21” has officially gone diamond! This is a huge deal since there are only twenty other albums that have done this. “21” is the 21st album to receive this honor. (love that bit of coincidence)So this is a good time to revisit 2011 and cue up this album on your iPod.

My Top Three Picks: Rolling in the Deep, Rumor Has It, Turning Tables

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