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New Artist – The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a relatively new artist in the PBR&B genre.

Wait… the what genre? PBR&B (a portmanteau of the popular hipster beer Pabst Blue Ribbon and R&B) is one of those buzz terms used to describe a stylized alternative to the more contemporary R&B; also known as Hipster R&B. Another notable new artist in this genre is Frank Ocean. Let’s continue…

So The Weeknd just released an album, “Trilogy”,  which is a compilation of songs from his independently released mix-tapes and a few new songs.
I have listened through this album a couple times and i feel like his songs have potential to be great, especially once he has been polished and drops some of the more repetitive aspects. There is a fine line between catchy and whiny and unfortunately some of The Weeknd’s tracks cross the line. Over all though, the album is really easy to listen to and has great melodies. I think that if you are a fan of this obscure genre that you will be pleased.

What’s in my Library Bag?

I practically live at my local library, I mean it is perfect for people who possess insatiable media-based appetites. I can find that book I have been wanting to read, listen to the new album by <insert band name here>, flip through magazines that I don’t want cluttering up my coffee table, and even rent a movie to take home.

This week my haul is pretty amazing. Here is my week of figurative consumption:


 I have been on a quest to understand the comic book world and since Batman is such a big part of 2012 I thought I would start from the beginning. First page and I feel so comfortable because an old friend from my Archie Comics days is there. Commissioner Gordon is a dead ringer for Hiram Lodge (Veronica’s father) in my humble opinion. Sorry, I am partial to tangents. The dialogue in this volume is amazingly bad! I mean he sees a light in a window and says, “A light! I should go there!” don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t take much away from “The Batman”. It is fun to see where this character we all grew up with came from and appreciate the evolution in art and writing.

What stuck out?:

The violence in this book is different than what I see in modern day heroes. Batman has no qualms about killing in the early issues and he is injured quite a few times. He gets shot and because he is human, he needs to make tactical retreats and lick his wounds. Oh and of course the Joker! He is not some lame mobster like the other villains in this volume. He is smart and has a game in place while also being insane. I immediately thought of The Dark Knight when i read it because this Joker calls his plays. Another touch I loved was the use of nerve chemicals to leave his victims with a gruesome smile. Very dark, I enjoyed it.

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