What’s in my Library Bag?

I practically live at my local library, I mean it is perfect for people who possess insatiable media-based appetites. I can find that book I have been wanting to read, listen to the new album by <insert band name here>, flip through magazines that I don’t want cluttering up my coffee table, and even rent a movie to take home.

This week my haul is pretty amazing. Here is my week of figurative consumption:


 I have been on a quest to understand the comic book world and since Batman is such a big part of 2012 I thought I would start from the beginning. First page and I feel so comfortable because an old friend from my Archie Comics days is there. Commissioner Gordon is a dead ringer for Hiram Lodge (Veronica’s father) in my humble opinion. Sorry, I am partial to tangents. The dialogue in this volume is amazingly bad! I mean he sees a light in a window and says, “A light! I should go there!” don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t take much away from “The Batman”. It is fun to see where this character we all grew up with came from and appreciate the evolution in art and writing.

What stuck out?:

The violence in this book is different than what I see in modern day heroes. Batman has no qualms about killing in the early issues and he is injured quite a few times. He gets shot and because he is human, he needs to make tactical retreats and lick his wounds. Oh and of course the Joker! He is not some lame mobster like the other villains in this volume. He is smart and has a game in place while also being insane. I immediately thought of The Dark Knight when i read it because this Joker calls his plays. Another touch I loved was the use of nerve chemicals to leave his victims with a gruesome smile. Very dark, I enjoyed it.

Please Click to see my advanced review of the new Bloc Party album and the rest of what’s in my library bag.


These are the albums I have been listening to this week. I received an advanced copy of the new Bloc Party album so I’ll do a quick review of that and quick blurbs about a couple of the rest of these.

1. Bloc Party – Four (Due to be released on Aug. 21, 2012)

I love this band. I feel like they have been missing for a few years, but this album was made to announce their return. Their signature sound flows into each track without having a monotone feel. I love that quality in an album because it really reflects the band’s members.  The album starts off on an up beat and you have shifts in audible texture throughout. It shifts from gravelly vocals and stellar guitar rifts on “V.A.L.I.S.”  that are reminiscent of The Strokes and then it changes to a darker almost metal feel with 3×3.  I have only listened a couple times to the full album and so far no big favorite track for me. Perhaps I am still trying to find a song of theirs that matches the feeling I get when I listen to “This Modern Love.” I recommend this album if you are looking for a good car listen or even a work listen. My Top Picks: We’re not good people, Leaf Skeleton, and 3×3

2. The Temper Trap – It feels like these guys were everywhere because of their hit “Sweet Disposition”. I mean it was in how many movies and commercials in 2010? Hopefully that doesn’t dissuade you from giving this album a listen. It is actually pretty different than their first studio album Conditions, very chill compared. This is one of those albums you put on to relax and inspire you. My Top Picks: Trembling Hands, Need Your Love, Never Again

3. Tyga – Careless World: Rise of the Last King- This album has your head bobbing throughout. I picked this up mainly because he has been all over the radio and i wanted to see how well he could put together an album. In my experience when an artist is all over the radio out of nowhere they are relying heavily on whoever is featured on the track. Tyga can hold his own, but the album feels a bit schizophrenic since each track has a different sound and feel. It leaves Tyga without a cohesive album.  If you want some club music, this album is for you. My Top Picks: Rack City, Faded, Lil’ Homie


Funny Face – Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire

I wanted to watch a classic movie and get lost in another time. A time before reality TV and celebrities with issues being rammed down your throat. I wanted a movie that had such a different mindset that you get lost in it.  So I picked up this movie about a young empathetic book shop girl and a fashion magazine photographer. Audrey Hepburn has such a great on screen presence that you fall for her like the lead actor always does. In this instance it is the graceful and talented Fred Astaire. While watching this movie I couldn’t help but think that these movies could never be duplicated in the same way. Fred is 58 in this movie and Audry 28, the age difference is extremely noticeable; this would look so… off; in movies today. It worked back in 1957 though and I loved each minute of it. If you like musicals maybe you should give it a try.

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