Music BirdGood morning, wake up and smell the new music!

I have compiled a list of albums that are going to be released this month and may be right up your audible alley. I have included links throughout the description so please take advantage.

Bloc Party – The Nextwave Sessions [EP] (13th)

I was so blown away by their last album that I am going to buy this one the day it comes out. Bloc party has a great energy that bleeds through even the most mellow tracks. They have progressively become one of my favorite bands because of their lyrics and their ability to withstand  repeat listens.

Franz Ferdinand / Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (26th)

The boys of Franz Ferdinand have been avoiding over-publicizing this album, so I think CYaN will help shine some light. The album is to be released August 26th and two singles are available for digital download on iTunes. Also a few songs are available on YouTube including singles: “Right Action” and “Love Illumination“.  Are these boys trying to keep mum because the album is just that good? Or is it because it is not their best work? I’ll let you decide. Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

Belle & Sebastian – The Third Eye Centre (26th)

Be still my Indie-Music-Loving-Heart… It’s a compilation of B-sides and rarities. Belle and Sebastian are a huge hit in the tiny indie genre and hard-core fans most likely have already pre-ordered this album… on vinyl. I am most likely going to have to settle for the digital download, but it is still on my wish list. This album will include b-sides from: Belle & Sebastian write about love , I’m a cuckoo, The blues are still blue & more. Enjoy!

The Weeknd – Kiss Land (26th)

His debut album was a great change of pace from what we are used to hearing on the radio these days. I hope his sophomore album shows growth and produces some radio hits to soothe my tired ears. The first single from this album is already available and it’s titled “Belong to the World“.

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