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The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna

Why is Eminem so popular? Well he puts his all into his work and he has such a way with words,

cause all I wanted to do’s be
The Bruce Lee of loose leaf

Eminem always makes interesting videos and this newest is no different. We get to relive some of his past videos alongside the monster within. Rihanna is a sexy therapist and rocks dark lipstick while singing one of the most popular hooks of this year. The imagery is pretty dark, but all in all a simple visual metaphor for a great song. Enjoy!

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I. Crawl – Childish Gambino

I. Crawl – Childish Gambino

I have been listening to Childish Gambino‘s new album for the last week (on&off). I am surprised that Crawl is not his first single, it has a great beat and energy to it, but his first and second singles 3005 and Sweatpants are also fine choices.

The artist looks familiar you say? Well, many may already know him for his comedic side as he is best known as the actor Donald Glover. Still no bells? He plays Troy on Community! While watching his performance on Jimmy Kimmel I was fascinated by how different he was on stage. He still has that presence that keeps you watching him, but his demeanor is more focused and you can feel his passion for the music.

If you read my music posts, you know by now that I am addicted to words and the referential lyrics in this track really tickle me.

And I’m only looking back if I’m looking at her booty
(At her Boooty)

Yeah. I murder some, I murder one
Explain it all, Ferguson

Check it out!

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Wake Me Up – Avicii

In my quest for daily music videos I found this gem. Wake Me Up – Avicii has been all over the radio and has become a fast favorite for me. This song is high energy and when listened to in moderation can be just the right pick-me-up. It is Thursday and that means we need a push of energy to get to the weekend!

The video is fun and conveys a simple message of finding your place in the world. I have included the lyrics after the jump. Enjoy!

P.S. Anyone else annoyed at how much product placement is in this video? Read More…

Demons – Imagine Dragons

“No matter what we breed / We still are made of greed” – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons

Are you sensing a theme this week? I am trying to find some mellow tunes with uplifting themes. I feel like this week is about repairing the damage done to humanity by the start of the Holiday Shopping / Black Friday craziness. Damn people, its just a TV. Pop in your earbuds and chill out. I am here to help.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I love this album. Demons is one of the latest singles from this album and it is even holding its own on the top singles for iTunes. It has a message that seems to resonate with people and it makes for a great listen. Let me know what you think of the message in the comments section I would love to discuss.  😉

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Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

I love this song because of how uplifting it is. I am counting down to Christmas and this song has slipped onto my Christmas radar due to its inclusion in the trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I really enjoyed this song when it was on the radio and it helped me to unwind from crazy work days. The song has a melody that is wonderful on its own, but the lyrics are a light, cute story which just chronicles forest battles. Point of this is… this is a sweet uplifting song and yeah…check it out.

This song is a huge part of why I am so excited for the new Ben Stiller movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is not often that a soundtrack can sell me on a movie, but I feel like this movie will have a soundtrack on par with Zach Braff’s Garden State soundtrack.  Enjoy the lyric video for this uplifting song.

After the jump check out the track list and trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Read More…

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

I am sure if you’ve been listening to the radio lately you have heard Sweater Weather. It has a mellow beat that manages to be upbeat… think The Postal Service’s version of Such Great Heights. The video for this song is basically the visual for the lyrics, which i really enjoy once in a while. It is a date shot in black and white which compliments and highlights the fun lyrics of this breakout song from The Neighbourhood. I am really enjoying the album and thought you all would too.

Lyrics after the jump. Enjoy! Read More…

Rap God (Explicit) – Eminem

“I make elevating music, you make elevator music.”

Eminem is still at the top of my list for favorite lyricist. This track really accentuates his skill, I have the lyrics for you after the jump and I must admit when I read them it felt like I was reading a mini-epic poem. Well, length wise. Give it a shot. Read More…

New Music: Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

KL3Kings of Leon and I have a past, it started around their third album Because of the Times with their song True Love Way.  It started out simple, We’d be so free, – Happy alone, Sharing a smile, so far from home. And we would laugh, laugh ‘til we cried.

KL 4The next year it was even better, Only by the Night came out and the infatuation was in full bloom. They  sent out a message that resonated on every radio wave, they could Use Somebody. Someone like {me}. This album was on repeat in my car, not that I needed the album… you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a song from this amazing album. Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, Revelry, Notion, Crawl, and Frontier City. So many singles that the next couple years passed by without the need for a new album.

KL 5You always expect the relationship to have a low, but Come Around Sundown was such a low that it felt like an end. Each of the singles felt like they were missing an integral part to the Kings of Leon sound. It felt like they dug down to their hillbilly roots at the bottom of their creative barrel. I said my goodbyes and revisited good times from their previous two albums.

Then in July serendipity struck and a song caught my attention while scanning random stations on the radio. A familiar feeling crept over me and I scrambled for my Shazam app to confirm what I thought I was hearing. My phone flashed, Supersoaker – Kings of Leon. That moment brought back that lovin’ feeling. Apparently the Kings of Leon … don’t mind sentimental girls at times “Miss, don’t walk away, walk away.”  Ok, I won’t.

I am currently on my second listen of this album and I am enjoying the smooth mix of lyrics and melody. The group has grown in their songwriting and it shows. The album has a good mix of contemplative mellow jams and upbeat rock hits. I like their distinct sound and the fact that it is consistent from album to album without becoming monotonous. Mechanical bull has some guitar solos that really set it apart from the band’s previous albums, check out Don’t Matter for an example. Beautiful War is a good example of their mellow-er tracks and of course you have your instant radio singles in Supersoaker and Wait for Me.

Pick up the new album and trust me you’ll be reunited and it’ll feel so good.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Eminem’s new album is coming.

FRANCE-MUSIC-EMINEMEminem finally confirmed the release date for his new album is November 5th 2013. He has been teasing fans with details for some time now (remember the hat?) So this fan is super excited with the news. Some of you may have already heard the first single (August 14th) featured in Call of Duty titled: Survivor.

I am feeling a bit of a beastie boys vibe. (Ye-yah) hmm… What do you think? Eminem’s newest single is Berzerk check ch ch ch check it out.



Music BirdGood morning, wake up and smell the new music!

I have compiled a list of albums that are going to be released this month and may be right up your audible alley. I have included links throughout the description so please take advantage.

Bloc Party – The Nextwave Sessions [EP] (13th)

I was so blown away by their last album that I am going to buy this one the day it comes out. Bloc party has a great energy that bleeds through even the most mellow tracks. They have progressively become one of my favorite bands because of their lyrics and their ability to withstand  repeat listens. Read More…

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