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CYaN Podcast Episode 26: By The Numbers

Good day, internet. Here comes another episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. Ricky and Danny bring a hodgepodge of trailers, reviews, and other tidbits of news that occurred over the week. I hope you all enjoy this episode.

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Review of Paranormal Activity 4

Last night Natalia and me went to watch the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity series. I have been a fan of these movies since I caught the first two back to back on DVD. I truly enjoy the back story as well as the horror that is not graphic like a few other gore-porn movies have done.

For this review keep in mind that I will probably spoil the first three movies, but I will avoid spoilers for this movie. Again, NO SPOILERS for Paranormal Activity 4.

How well did this fourth movie do? Hit the jump to find out what I think.

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Cheap Date: Oct 17th

Brand new week for a brand new edition of Cheap Date. Here on Cheap Date, I help you decide what you should spend your money on when deciding on which nerdy entertainment you should pick out this week. My recommendations do not go above $30 so that those on a budget can still enjoy something.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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