Cheap Date: Oct 17th

Brand new week for a brand new edition of Cheap Date. Here on Cheap Date, I help you decide what you should spend your money on when deciding on which nerdy entertainment you should pick out this week. My recommendations do not go above $30 so that those on a budget can still enjoy something.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

This week was definitely interesting and a bit of fun should be had. I have already been drawn into one of the recommendations. Hope you find something worth your time.

Comics – $8.97

A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1

Remember those adorably cute X-Babies and all the adventures they had? Well now the Avengers versions are added to the mix and now they are going against the X-Babies. This is not a serious book, obviously. I am picking it because of nostalgia and how awesome baby superheroes are. The book may actually be bad and just a cash grab, but I honestly do not care on this one. Sign me up.

Wonder Woman #13

Wonder Woman has been betrayed by Hermes in the last issue before the #0 issue. How will Diana handle this situation? We also get to see Ares, who was featured in the #0 issue, come back into Wonder Woman’s life. This book belongs in my top five must read series of the year and should be in yours too. Do yourself a favor and do not hesitate on this one.

DC Universe Presents #13

DC Universe Presents has been a very interesting read to say the least. This book allows DC to introduce characters that do not necessarily fit in other books or highlight characters that are part of team books. If have not done so already, you should check out the Deadman and the Vandal Savage arcs. This issue introduces the DC New 52 versions of Black Lightning and Blue Devil. It should be interesting just seeing these characters, not to mention having them team up together.

Movies – $11

Paranormal Activity 4

This one may just be for the fans of the Paranormal Activity series. The fourth movie deals with a new family that lives next door to Katie and Hunter from the previous films. This movie is all about tension that is finally released in the third act, nothing really special. But the reason I enjoy these films is that they have a very interesting back story. I caught the first two films on rentals and really appreciated that they weaved a story that went through the first three films. I am interested in seeing how they expand on it. Plus it will be good for a pre-Halloween scare.

Games – $10

Borderlands 2 DLC – Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty

I really can not say much more than this: It’s more Borderlands 2 to play. If you really need another reason to play this DLC then you probably have not picked up the game itself. Do yourself a favor and get this game. Plus it is only ten dollars for a lot of extra content on top of all the content already in the game.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Adventure Update

Yes, all of this and much more is available on the PC version of the game. I have played it as well but I have a lot of friends on Xbox Live and enjoy the interface. What is really important about this update is Creative Mode and the Hunger System which will allow me to host my own versions of the Hunger Games. Yay!


That will do it for me this week. Hopefully you get the chance to enjoy everything I have recommended. Before I sign off, if you picked up the Humble eBook Bundle that I recommended last week then you may be in luck. If you paid more than the average (which is at $13.57 right now) you should receive five more books which include two Penny Arcade volumes, a volume of xkcd, and two books from Zach Weiner. All of which are quite good. Hopefully you followed by advice last week. Either way, I will see you next week with another new edition of Cheap Date.

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