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CYaN Podcast Episode 63: Long Talk of the Dead

Spice up your post-independence day lull with a brand new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. This week; Danny and Ricky talk about Pacific Rim, the new Walking Dead DLC, some video game news and other ramblings. Hope you enjoy it.

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Nerds Play: Minecraft Pt 1 – Build a Home

Continuing more Nerds Play, but now with Minecraft for XBLA. This time Danny and Ricky are preparing for the release of update for the End this Friday.

Nerds Play: Defiance Beta

Defiance is a new IP coming next month. The most interesting thing about this new IP is the fact that not only will there will be a brand new TV series on the Syfy Channel, but two weeks before there will be a new MMO. That is a very interesting proposition. Whether it will succeed or not is still up in the air but I am excited to find out.

We got into the Defiance MMO beta and played a bit for the Xbox 360. Or to be more precise I played a little bit and Ricky provided commentary for all my wandering around.

Blast past the jump to watch the video.

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Halo 4 Limited Edition Unboxing

Danny opens up the limited edition version of Halo 4 and all its goodies.

CYaN Plays Halo 4

Danny and Ricky from callyourselfanerd.com play Halo 4 and talk about some of the new features coming to the franchise.

Halo 4 Review

A few years ago, I was among a few friends to found a website called GrifballHub. Mainly, I wrote a few articles for them. Recently, they were gracious enough to have me represent the site at a Halo 4 review event. I wrote the following review for them. Please check out the awesome site for the review and other great articles.

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More Minecraft Skins for Halloween



Windows 8 isn’t the only release to look forward tomorrow. Yeah, there’s some silly movie called Cloud Atlas that Danny thinks you should see. But here’s what I’m pumped for: More Minecraft skins for the Xbox 360 Edition. 55 skins in total including those above for the regular price of $2. What’s so special this time around? Your $2 is going to such charities as¬†Macmillan Cancer Support, Child’s Play, SANDS Lothians and Block by Block.

Dibs on the floaty skeleton guy.


Cheap Date: Oct 17th

Brand new week for a brand new edition of Cheap Date. Here on Cheap Date, I help you decide what you should spend your money on when deciding on which nerdy entertainment you should pick out this week. My recommendations do not go above $30 so that those on a budget can still enjoy something.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Gameplay Trailer

Pretty straight forward. Ubisoft released the Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay trailer today. Here it is via joystiq.

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