Revolution Season 1 Recap Episode 5: “Soul Train”

After last week’s episode, the group is hot on the trail of Danny and getting closer. Will they be able to rescue him? Find out in this week’s recap. It should go without saying, but warning for SPOILERS for the fifth episode of the first season of Revolution titled “Soul Train.”

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This week, we are building up the militia man we know as Tom Neville. Neville is staging a quasi-fight club with some of his men, but he feels that they do not hit hard enough. So he eggs Danny into fighting him with a few shots to the face. Danny eventually gives in and throws a surprisingly nice body shot. Neville then proceeds to beat the boy down into unconsciousness.

We also see a flashback of Neville being fired from being an insurance adjuster.

In the present day, the group buried Maggie and grieves for her. Miles on the other hand is anxious to move out since they are so close to catching up with Danny. Again, Miles and Charlie butt heads. I sense a reoccurring theme here.

As the group heads towards the town they hear a steam-powered train. They realize that their time to locate and rescue Danny has become very short. We see that this town is very reminiscent of the frontier town, even with a horse-drawn carriage although the carriage is a broken down car. The train is heading straight to Philadelphia, the Monroe Republic capital.

Neville tries to talk Danny, but he does not want anything to do with Neville and tells Neville to shut up. This conflict causes a flashback as we see Neville walking home. His neighbor is having a loud party and ignores Neville when he asks that the music is turned down. Not tell his wife that he was fired, Neville retreats to the basement to beat on a punching bag to release tension. Neville’s son watches on and Neville is about to allow him to practice on the bag when the Blackout occurs.

The group splits up to find out information about when the train leaves and where Danny might be held. Nora finds a print shop where she finds another resistance member by asking for “The Biography of Joe Biden.” Nora recruits Hutch to help her blow up the train and hopefully kill a lot of the Monroe officers on board. On the other hand, Charlie has a run-in with Neville although he does not know show she is. But Charlie pushes her luck and tries to follow Neville, allowing him to attack her. Miles intervenes, of course. Miles and Neville fight for a bit, exchanging words as they go along. Eventually Miles and Charlie escape, unfortunately giving up the element of surprise.

After we see Neville relocating Danny, we get a flashback of Neville’s neighbor breaking into his house causing Neville to beat the man within an inch of his life to protect the home and son. We see the Neville that we have come to know come out.

Meanwhile at a hideout, Miles tries to extract information from “Nate” to find out where Neville might have hidden Danny. “Nate” without much difficulty does a few parkour moves and escapes.

We also get a glimpse of Monroe being told that the Plains Nation and Georgia Federation have united and planning to attack the Monroe Republic. Monroe dreams of having one functional helicopter and the power that he could gain with that.

Nora sets her bomb to be set off by fire and hides it within a piece of wood that they plan to hide among the firewood for the steam engine. As the train rolls out, Nora notices Neville and who she assumes to be Danny. She has second thoughts and wants to stop the bomb, but Hutch stops her and stabs her as he runs away.

Miles and Charlie steal horses to race after the train just like an old Western heist. Miles goes to stop the conductor from placing the bomb log into the train’s furnace while Charlie goes to free Danny. In the train car a fight occurs with Danny and Charlie against Neville. The fight does not go smoothly for the brother and sister. Neville is able to hold Danny at gunpoint and “Nate” holds Charlie at knife point. “Nate” saves Charlie again by throwing her out of the train. Seeing Charlie fly out, Miles leaps after her off the train. Danny does not get rescued.

Afterwards, Charlie seems a bit colder but gives a pep talk to unite the group on their new mission to Philadelphia.

The train arrives in Philadelphia and Neville greeted by a wife that he has not seen in over a year. We also learn that “Nate” is actually Jason, Neville’s son that is shown during the flashbacks. Which we get one more of, as Neville begins training Jason to use a knife.

The last piece of information we receive as Rachel sees her son, Danny, beaten and in custody of the militia is that there are twelve of the pendants. We know of the one that belonged to Ben that Aaron has, the one that Grace had to use her computer which was taken by the mysterious Randall who also has one. That is three accounted for.

I enjoyed the bigger picture of the world that this episode showed, but I want more of it. It was just a tease and more of the group. I beginning to really dislike Charlie as all she does is complain. I know she is the moral center of the show, but she comes off as nagging most times. We get a two break before the next new episode, hopefully it really picks up its stride.

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