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Nerds Play: Minecraft Pt 1 – Build a Home

Continuing more Nerds Play, but now with Minecraft for XBLA. This time Danny and Ricky are preparing for the release of update for the End this Friday.

Cheap Date: Nov 28th

Here comes a brand new edition of Cheap Date, where I will recommend a few nerdy things for you to enjoy this week and the best part is that it will all be for no more than $30.

Head past the jump for my recommendations.

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More Minecraft Skins for Halloween



Windows 8 isn’t the only release to look forward tomorrow. Yeah, there’s some silly movie called Cloud Atlas that Danny thinks you should see. But here’s what I’m pumped for: More Minecraft skins for the Xbox 360 Edition. 55 skins in total including those above for the regular price of $2. What’s so special this time around? Your $2 is going to such charities as¬†Macmillan Cancer Support, Child’s Play, SANDS Lothians and Block by Block.

Dibs on the floaty skeleton guy.


CYaN Podcast Episode 26: By The Numbers

Good day, internet. Here comes another episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. Ricky and Danny bring a hodgepodge of trailers, reviews, and other tidbits of news that occurred over the week. I hope you all enjoy this episode.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Cheap Date: Oct 17th

Brand new week for a brand new edition of Cheap Date. Here on Cheap Date, I help you decide what you should spend your money on when deciding on which nerdy entertainment you should pick out this week. My recommendations do not go above $30 so that those on a budget can still enjoy something.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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Cheap Date: September 5th

I am still recovering from PAX, but the show must go on. So welcome to Cheap Date, where I will recommend how you should spend no more than $30 on nerdy things for this week. I will pick out comics, movies, games, and merch that you should at least take a look at from the week’s selection.

Click on the jump to read about all the lovely things you may be interested in buying.

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Minecraft: CoCo Edition

Danny and I have been enjoying Minecraft on the XBox 360. I think Conan O’Brien has managed to encapsulate the feelings of both of our respective girlfriends. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones: Minecraft Edition

If you are like me, then you might already be sucked into the game Minecraft. The game where you can demolish everything you see and build it up into anything you want it to be. Minecrack, as some people are calling it, has already come up interesting maps which include working computer boards,Star Trek’s Enterprise, and so much more.

I am also a Game of Thrones fan, along with Ricky and Natalia. The Westeroscraft community has set out to create the Seven Kingdoms all inside the PC version of Minecraft.

It is amazing, just amazing.

Cheap Date: May 16th

Every Wednesday, I help you decide how to best spend $30 or less on entertainment for our very nerdy Cheap Date.

You have two choices that you can follow this week. The first choice is to go over the usual $30 budget and grab Diablo III for twice that amount. Most people are choosing Diablo III this week. It is a game that many people have waited over a decade for. Then there is the second choice which will consist of just comics and a game, but you do get more bang for your buck.

Let us assume that you do not have sixty dollars and want to stay within the thirty dollar budget.

Comics – $10

This week, we have three comics that are looking to thrill you recklessly.

Locke & Key Clockworks #6 from IDW by Joe Hill with art by Gabriel Rodriguez continues to impress. This issue ends the fifth Locke & Keymini-series. We finally learn what ultimately happened to the “Keepers of the Keys” when they face off against a former friend. Stephen King should be proud of his son’s fantasy-horror series that keeps this reader wanting more.

Wonder Woman #9from DC Comics shows us Diana’s continued journey into the realm of Hades. When Brian Azzarello said he was turning the rebootedWonder Womanseries into a horror story most of the audiences were confused. But going into the ninth issue, this series keeps getting better and scarier. Also Cliff Chiang’s art has a lot to do with the book’s success.

Hardcore #1 from Image Comics combines the ideas of Image greats Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri. This new series has an interesting science fiction take on assassins. Imagine if assassins could jack in and take over the body of anyone to complete their assignment. Now imagine if one of those assassins is using those methods to take on all the other assassins. Very interesting cyber-punk feel to the story that I am very interested in reading.

Video Games – $20 or 1600 MSP

The XBLA version of Minecraft was released last week. Within a day, it had already broken sales records and continues to do so a week later. Yes; there are cheaper ways to play this game but there is one thing that sets this version apart, Xbox Live. Xbox Live and its friends lists make the game so much easier to work with other people. When you boot the game up, it shows who is playing and allows you to hop right in to that person’s game. That is the reason many people pay the $60 a year for Live and will pay $20 for this game. No other service now does friends lists as well as Xbox Live.

Minecraft also eats away at time. You have to mine and collect materials to build whatever your mind can imagine, all of which takes time. Last night it took me two hours to clear an area and collect the materials to build an infinity pool that will serve my future castle. I do not even want to imagine how much time it will take to build my future castle without help. Oh well, in the meantime I can hop into other people’s games and leave my mark.

Even if you are unsure about playing Minecraft, you can always download the trial version.

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