Cheap Date: September 5th

I am still recovering from PAX, but the show must go on. So welcome to Cheap Date, where I will recommend how you should spend no more than $30 on nerdy things for this week. I will pick out comics, movies, games, and merch that you should at least take a look at from the week’s selection.

Click on the jump to read about all the lovely things you may be interested in buying.

It is a light week again this week. DC Comics are pushing out a few zero issues but none that are interesting. No movies that spark any interest. I think I have found a few things that I think you may enjoy…

Video Games – $5

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC

You may have already moved on/been burnt out from Skyrim. Or you may have come back to try the Dawnguard DLC that arrived last month. Either way this new DLC has me wanting to come back. There is no story element to this DLC, all you really get is a house and a family.

A house and a family?!

Hopefully, I will not later regret this as some people do with the Horse Armor DLC from Oblivion. But honestly as the Dragonborn, I should have had a nice pad to call my own already. I know you can buy property and all that, but those places never really felt like home. Hopefully I can make a home and start a family.

Hold on while I wipe this tear.

Comic Books – $2.99

Hawkeye #2

Remember that phenomenal series Iron Fist that came out not to long ago? Or do you remember that fantastic issue that came out last month for Hawkeye?

Well, Matt Fraction and David Aja are back again and continuing to knock it out of the park with this series. I can not stress enough how well this team works together or how amazing their work is. Hawkeye is not such a B-list character as he has been, but this series has already shined a light on different aspects of the character that make him lovable.

And have I mentioned David Aja’s art? His work is gorgeous and that is an understatement.

I will always spend the money on a Fraction/Aja collaboration.

Misc – $20

Minecraft Foam Sword

I still have PAX on the brain.

Not to mention I’m still jonesing for more Minecraft.

Notch and Mojang had a fantastic party with Avicii, a PvP tournament, showed off their new games Scrolls and Cobalt, and not to mention had a large ass booth during the weekend.

At the booth they were selling foam swords and pickaxes in Minecraft-fashion. There were all over the convention floor. I was aiming to pick one up on Sunday, but alas they were sold out of the swords. I could have bought a pickaxe, but heart was set on a sword.

Thankfully, the wonderful people at ThinkGeek sell them as well. I am absolutely going to have some fun with that.


With that, I shall bid you farewell for this week. I truly do hope you enjoy my recommendations and come back next week for another installment of Cheap Date.

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