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Cheap Date: September 5th

I am still recovering from PAX, but the show must go on. So welcome to Cheap Date, where I will recommend how you should spend no more than $30 on nerdy things for this week. I will pick out comics, movies, games, and merch that you should at least take a look at from the week’s selection.

Click on the jump to read about all the lovely things you may be interested in buying.

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Cheap Date: August 1st

I’m sorry about the lack of a Cheap Date last week, but there was seriously nothing to get excited for (well, maybe a few comics but that was it). Plus I am sure most of you are trying to rewatch The Dark Knight Rises. Either way, this week we actually have a few items that you should consider spending your money on. Remember for Cheap Date, we will keep everything to under $30.

Hit the jump for all the lovely details.

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Iron Man 3 Continues to Expand

Could this be a sign of what’s to come? (Pun completely intended.)

Thanks to io9

Over at io9.com, they’ve got set photos from Iron Man 3 that feature one of Marvel’s major crime organizations. From the looks of it, Marvel Studios and Shane Black are legitimizing AIM as a legitimate engineering lab. My guess is that a) this is a front for the Mandarin (Kingsley) and b) Killian (Pearce) and Hansen (Hall) work here. I’m excited as this gives me hopes for some large scale world development. As I mentioned in Kapow 101, Hawkeye does mention SHIELD’s enemies; AIM can definitely be counted amongst them.

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