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Loot Crate: “Cosmos”

Just received this month’s shipment of goodies from Loot Crate. Two months into using the service and I already received something I completely geeked over.

Head past the jump to see what I received in the “Cosmos” themed Loot Crate.

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Frightful Friday: Halloween Playlist!

It is the witching hour and I am slaving away to conjure up an especially killer mix for you. I have mixed up my favorite Halloween-ish songs and I think the mix has turned out amazing. Well… it depends on your tolerance for Pop/Dance music…. You have some Psycho-billy, Pop, 70’s R&B, Kids classics, Indie Rock… I mean this hits all tastes! As is typical here at Call Yourself A Nerd, we like variety and here for your audible pleasure are both a classic halloween mix and a halloween party/dance mix. Enjoy!

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Monster Mash-up                              Dance Till You’re Dead

P.S. What are you dressing up as for halloween?

Feel Good Friday Playlist

Oh my god! I know it is cheesy to say outside of an office environment, but T-G-I-F! This week has pretty much sucked and I have decided that I will not let the little things bring down my Friday. I have kept my head down and busied myself with tedious paper pushing and somehow willed the weekend to arrive.

So as a necessary therapeutic measure, and in celebration, I made a Feel Good Friday Playlist. These playlists have my favorite feel good songs and I hope you check them out and boost your mood.

As with my Flashback Friday Playlist  a few weeks back, this playlist comes in two flavors. On your left we have the old school feel and on your right we have the new school feel.  Enjoy!

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