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See Something Cool: A Real Wall-E

Currently, it is Geek Week on YouTube and several of our favorite channels are pulling out all the stops to strut their stuff. The folks from Tested featured Mike McMaster who creates real life robots. Him and his group previously worked on a functional R2-D2, but now they are building a robot that has tugged at all our heart-strings.

From its namesake Pixar film, a real life Wall-E rolls out of the screen and into our world. With a little elbow grease, Mike has captured the CGI robot by constructing something you can play with.

Steamroll past the jump to watch the video.

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Adam Savage’s Why We Make Speech

Last weekend, Adam Savage (best known from Mythbusters) gave a speech from Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. The great people over at Tested posted it online for those not able to make it. Let’s listen in…

I have heard Adam Savage give speeches a few times, each time it is a real treat. In this speech, he talks about how he began building things and why we should be more inclined to make things as well. I hope you listened and enjoyed, because that is what I am personally aiming to do with Call Yourself A Nerd; creating content and ideas that will hopefully change the world for myself and maybe others. And just maybe eventually I can find the gem that allows me to produce something original for the world.

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