Adam Savage’s Why We Make Speech

Last weekend, Adam Savage (best known from Mythbusters) gave a speech from Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. The great people over at Tested posted it online for those not able to make it. Let’s listen in…

I have heard Adam Savage give speeches a few times, each time it is a real treat. In this speech, he talks about how he began building things and why we should be more inclined to make things as well. I hope you listened and enjoyed, because that is what I am personally aiming to do with Call Yourself A Nerd; creating content and ideas that will hopefully change the world for myself and maybe others. And just maybe eventually I can find the gem that allows me to produce something original for the world.

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One response to “Adam Savage’s Why We Make Speech”

  1. yeltnuh says :

    How inspiring he is! Imagine if makers were teachers . . . and students: STEAM.

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