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Cheap Date: Apr 3rd

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you had some fun pulling some great April Fool’s pranks but now it’s time to entertain you with something a bit more selfishly. It’s time to take yourself on a Cheap Date, where I will recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment.

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Cheap Date: Feb 13th

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day (or Single’s Day for some). Do you have all your plans ready? Well, if you want to spoil yourself with some nerdy things then I have the thing for you with this week’s Cheap Date. I will recommend $30 worth of nerdy items to fill your week, especially since your finances may be tied up for a dinner tomorrow evening.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 29: Fartsparkle

Hello, everybody! Here comes another new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. Danny and Ricky talk about quite a few things this week; including this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, more details of the LucasFilms/Disney deal, comic books, TV shows on YouTube, and a whole bunch more. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Ka-Pow 101: X-Men Days of Future Past

Today we learned that Bryan Singer’s sequel to highly popular X-Men: First Class would be called X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Wait a minute, is that not the same title for the legendary story that Chris Claremont and John Byrne worked on in Uncanny X-Men?

Yes, it is. Singer says that the new movie will take some elements of that story arc but will have new story as well. For those of us who are unfamiliar with the arc, let’s recap one of the most iconic story arcs in X-Men history.

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